Just A Little About Me

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 9.01.00 PM.pngRecognizable Me:

Hey all, Emily Arrick here. You can call me Emily mostly because there really aren’t many variations of the name, but if you think of any feel free to use them! I’m from St. Louis, Missouri (hope you’re enjoying my city Allison!) where I live with my mom, younger sister, our two dogs and cat.

I’m a huge animal lover so naturally I’ve always been surrounded by them. Over the course of my life I’ve had 11 dogs, two cats and a turtle. That was probably the hardest part about coming to college. I miss them almost as much as I miss the Rams and toasted ravioli (don’t know how the rest of the country hasn’t caught on to this St. Louis specialty yet).

Where I’m At:

Growing up I didn’t travel much, so I saw college as my opportunity to experience living and learning in a new city. That being said, my journey began at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles as a Studio Arts major. Considering I had never even been to L.A. this was a real gamble for me that, unfortunately, I lost. I quickly realized a Midwest girl like me wasn’t meant for the West Coast. I also discovered I wasn’t nearly as interested in pursing art as I thought I would be. So I did a complete 180˚ with my life and decided to transfer to my mom’s alma mater to study Finance and Real Estate.

Choosing CU was definitely a win. Although I knew only one person coming in, being a member of Alpha Phi helped me quite literally find a home here in Boulder. I’m in my last semester and find myself wishing I still had four years left. I’m definitely not ready to leave the state of Colorado, so my plan is to find a job here in Denver after I graduate. If all goes well hopefully I’ll be making a killing as a residential Real Estate Broker at some point in the future. I’ve always had a passion for Real Estate, but as for right now I feel like I owe it to myself (and my major) to try out a job in the finance industry.

What I Want:

While I don’t particularly enjoy writing, I understand that it is a critical tool in the business world. My goal for this class is to develop a professional, yet personal, writing style and system to make the whole process simpler. I consider myself a perfectionist and this definitely comes out in how I write. It takes me FOREVER because I want everything to be just right as I’m going along. I’m hoping that this class will help me learn how to write more efficiently while still maintaining my voice.

I’m excited that we will be working on our LinkedIn profiles, because mine could definitely use some work. Overall, I feel like the work that we will be doing for this class will be very beneficial going out into the professional world. I look forward to seeing my skills as a writer evolve and mature.

Where To Find Me:

Most often you can find me out taking pictures for my Instagram. I love photography and Boulder is the perfect subject. There’s always somewhere new to explore, which makes living here that much more exciting. As of right now, my favorite place is Boulder Canyon trail. Considering it’s been so cold my adventuring has been on the back-burner, so I can’t wait for springtime when everything starts getting green again.

When I’m not taking photos you can most likely find me relaxing in my apartment with my three roommates. We’re constantly starting new shows together and are currently addicted to The Mindy Project—it’s hilarious! We also share a love for food, but in an attempt to give our wallets a break have been cooking more together at home. This has been an experiment to say the least. Luckily we share some of the same fun but really random hobbies like coloring or doing jigsaw puzzles.

So there’s a little summary about me! Thanks for checking it out. I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you over the semester.

P.S. If anyone has any movie or TV show suggestions send them my way!


One thought on “Just A Little About Me

  1. Hi Emily!
    I’d love to know what your favorite places to go/things to do in StL are! I won’t lie, I miss Colorado, but living here has been a good experience for me. Glad to have you in class.

    – A

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