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Recognizable You
: Here is a picture of me! My name is Max Gilbert and I am in my third year at the University of Colorado, Boulder studying operations management in the Leeds school of business. I grew up in San Diego and lived there my whole life. When I graduated high school I decided to come to Boulder, because I wanted to experience life outside of California and in the mountains. My family really enjoys skiing and would go on multiple ski trips through out the year so I also wanted to go to a school that is close to the mountains and be around people that loved going out as well. Along with those reasons, I wanted to go to a school that was a lot of fun and this school has so many options for things to do it’s almost impossible to be bored.

Where you’re at: My first summer I decided to go back to San Diego, because being in San Diego over summer is awesome and it’s all I really knew. I got my first full time job at Nordstrom as a stock boy and would unload the delivery truck and organize new merchandise that would come in. Every Tuesday through Saturday I would start work at 5:30 in the morning and get out at 2:00. Waking up that early everyday was awful and made me realize that that was not the job I wanted to be doing when I graduate, but the bright side to that was getting out in time to be able to either go to the beach or hang by the pool before the sun went down.

Last summer I decided to stay in Boulder, because I was still paying for rent in my house and thought it would be a different experience living somewhere else over summer. I had a new job at Apex by Sunglass Hut as a sales associate and would sell sunglasses. This job was better because I got to experience sales, working for commission and motivated me to work harder so that I could make more money. I worked here from the beginning of summer to the end of December when I went back home for break. I’m currently looking for an internship this summer but I’m unsure whether I want to stay here in Boulder again or go back to San Diego. I hope to take the best option given to me.

What you want: For this class, I hope to improve my writing skills to better help me in my career path and to not look unprofessional when it comes to writing emails, letters, or anything else of that nature. I’d say my biggest weakness when it comes to writing is my grammar, but I hope to improve on this by practicing. My biggest strength would be my creative mind and being able to create cool stories or whatever needs be.

Where to find you: I like to do a lot of things in my free time. When I’m home I like going to the beach with my friends and surfing. When I’m to lazy to go to the beach I would just go skating at school spots near me. During the winter I try to go snowboarding as much as I can as long as I get my schoolwork out of the way. I like going to concert. Red Rocks is one of the coolest venues I’ve been to. At night, I like going into the Jacuzzi to relax and also like playing video games. My favorite games to play are old classic ones because it reminds me of the times when I used to play them when I was younger.



One thought on “This is me

  1. Max,
    I’d say the best way to get better at writing is definitely practice. In that way, you’re in just the right place. Not only will we practice a lot, but because we’re online, you have to write even more to communicate.

    Welcome to class.

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