I am Emily Stenard


I am Emily Stenard

Recognizable Me:

This is me in Panama last Fall. I am originally from Northern California just north of San Francisco. You can find me on the hiking trails, ski slopes or at the beach when I’m home. I have a passion for animals, especially my black pug named Weenie. I am a certified nutritionist.

Where I am at:

I am currently living in Denver, but going to school in Boulder. I am a fifth lap senior and so I decided to make the move and see what adventures Denver would bring. I took a little bit of a break from CU and went to a different college for nutrition. I got my degree in that and decided to go back to CU full time. I had reservations about going back to CU following many hiccups but it’s going seemingly smooth (as of now). I have spent a few summers in Boulder and they were amazing but my summers in Denver and in the mountains have been amazing as well. I am just shy of graduating and am ready to start my career that ideally would involve the health industry as well as the communication sector. I will most likely move out of Colorado when I am done with school depending on where life takes me with jobs and relationships etc. Not looking forward to that day. However I believe I was meant to spend out the rest of my life on the ocean as that is where I grew up and where most of my family reigns. Looking forward to adventures to come! While in school I have had a couple of internships with companies like Lifefactory Water bottles and Booking.com. When I am fully scheduled, I nanny for 3 kids, ages 9, 6 and now 3 during the week. I mostly watch the baby who is a new 3 year old and is about as tall as my belly button. He is incredibly huge. While his dad is 6’4, the rest of the family towers over me as I stand at a solid 5’2. I love my nanny family but I am ready to finish school (and “nannying”) and start my career.

Where I’m at:

Throughout this class I would like to hone in on my writing skills and perfect my style. I would really like to work on my blogging skills and understand what it takes to make social media effective. I have always loved writing for both creative and research papers. I have not taken a writing class since I was a sophomore so I am particularly excited to take another one. Writing has always felt really natural to me, unlike math or science so it’s refreshing when you take a required class that you feel you could excel at.

Where to find me:

You can find me in a lot of places. Like almost every person in Colorado I enjoy skiing and hiking so there’s a good chance you’ll find me doing one of those 2 things depending on the season. Although I really am not a very good skier.  I also love to cook and bake so there’s a good chance you’ll find me in the kitchen. My sister and I had a food Instagram called @restorative_eating, of which we are not currently posting on it due to hectic schedules but it was somewhat successful and we plan on restarting it in the future. I of course love concerts and going to Red Rocks, another cliché of “things coloradans like to do.” However, you are just as likely to find me watching reality TV in my bed with my dog as you are to find me doing any of the things mentioned above.





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