Introduce Yourself

Thats me on the left 


Recognise you:

I am currently a sophomore here at CU Boulder and I am considered to be an international student as I came from Bangor, Northern Ireland. Whenever I tell people where I’m from, the first question they ask is “isn’t it beautiful?” So if you were wondering the same my answer is still no, its nothing in comparison to Colorado. If you met me, you would have no idea I spent the last ten years there as I have such a weak accent and at times I can sound more American than half of my friends.

I’m here in Colorado on a five-year visa (with three years left) and I dread the day I have to leave. My “college” experience here at Boulder is not even comparable from the “university” experience I would be having if I went to school in the U.K.

I spend majority of my summers travelling and I plan on doing the same this year. Last summer I travelled the Greek islands which was amazing and this year I’ve agreed to take a group of friends who are not planning on travelling abroad inter-railing across Europe. This is where you basically just buy a train ticket allowing easy access up to thirty countries which we are really looking forward to. I wouldn’t say I have a “job” however, I do baby sit two of the sweetest kids twice a week during the semester in attempt to make some money of my own.

Where you’re at:

I was really excited when I heard about this class because of how useful I think I will find it. The assignments seem to be very beneficial as making a resume and a linked in profile is  something I need to do. I’m onto changing my major for the third time where now I plan on studying strategic communications and will probably focus on advertising or public relations. I have declared my business minor so I figured this class would work well with that. Learning about how to write and make myself approachable in the world of business is something I look forward to do.

Where to find you:

Coming from Ireland where it rains almost every day of the year I love spending time outdoors. Seeing and exploring new places with my friends brings me to my happiest.  People living in Colorado take blue skies for granted as everyday it doesn’t rain I remember how lucky I am to be living here. In the weekends you will most likely find me in the mountains skiing or hiking, Chautauqua’s views never get old for me. I got lucky when finding friends who are always up for a spontaneous road trip so any chance we are given to go have a good time in a change of scenery we are there.

I’m a vegetarian who could eat all day. At the beginning of freshman year, I made it my goal to eat at every different food restaurant on Pearl Street before I graduate and I’m pretty sure this is a goal I will be able to achieve.

I’m a member of Alpha Phi where I live in a house of seventy girls and I always enjoy the company of others and being social. I’m very involved within the Greek community where I frequently attend philanthropy events and community services. Sororities are non-existent in the U.K therefore I felt the need to maximise the opportunities it gave me. It allowed me to make connections with so many new people who shared similar interests and values which I’m sure will come in handy in the future.



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