Life Changing Memory



11887938_10153593724136289_7938469966557852493_nThis is a picture of my mom, Loraine Simpson. When I was growing up, I was definitely a momma’s boy. I thought that my mom was a superhero and she could do just about anything. My dad worked extremely long hours, and so my mom and I built a strong relationship. As a kid, when you hold such high regard for someone like that, you believe that nothing bad could happen to them. However, when I thought about the prompt for this blog, a situation that happened with my mom came to mind.

What Happened

One day I was getting ready for soccer practice, and my mom was calling down to me because we had to leave soon. I threw all my shin guards and cleats into my bag and started to run downstairs when I heard a loud noise. When I turned around the spiral staircase, I saw something I was not expecting. My mom was on the ground and was moving very slowly. I panicked and ran to her, not knowing how to react. I asked “Mom?! What’s wrong?!” and her eyes were closed and I really began to worry. About 15 seconds went by where my heart was pounding and I was trying to get reactions out of my mom and figure out what was going on. Finally, her eyes opened, but she looked at me in complete confusion. I got her up slowly and helped her into a chair.

After about 5 minutes, she was getting closer to normal, but kept complaining about her head. I started to begin thinking about what I should do for help. I thought to call my Dad, but I was not sure what he could do, since he was out of town. I asked my mom if I should call 911, which I had never done before. She said that she wasn’t sure. This really made me nervous, I felt like whatever happened after this, would be my responsibility. I ended up calling 911 and an ambulance came to help my mom. It turned out that she had feinted and was confused because she had hit her head on the wood floor and suffered a concussion. They took her to the hospital and she recovered quickly.

Why This Changed Me

As a 10 year old boy, my idea of problem solving was limited to what I wanted to have for lunch. In this situation, I was forced to make an important decision. I remember how nervous I was to call the ambulance, because I did not know if it was the right thing to do. I almost didn’t call them because I really didn’t want to be wrong, but the worry for my mom guided me the right way. This was really the first time I can remember where I had to make a decision and put myself in a vulnerable position. Taking the responsibility for someone that has taken responsibility for me my whole life was challenging. I wanted to make sure I did the best thing for her, since she seemed like she was confused by the situation. It was scary to see her like that, too.

When I sat there and asked my mom questions that she responded with “uhh I’m not sure”, it added to the worry. I was always able to depend on her, but now I had to depend on myself. This event put me in a situation that introduced me to real self-dependence. I did not want my mom to be hurt, so I overcame my fear of dialing 911. Many kids do get scared of dialing 911 because they are grow up not knowing what an emergency is and is not. This Article actually discusses when children should know an emergency is happening. The cause of my mom’s incident was a product of her severe Crohn’s Disease, which I became more aware of after this incident. Episodes like this would actually continue, but luckily, I felt more confident in my ability to be a responsible individual.




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