My Life


Granny Pam:

My Grandma had always been a huge influence in my life, when I was a kid she was the one to take care of me as my Mom was out making my money for my family. This is not going to be a story about how my grandma shaped who I am today and how she was my biggest role model, although she had a huge impact on my life. My grandma was the type of person who lived her life to the fullest and always had a good time no matter what. Unfortunately “no matter what” was smoking cigarettes which ended up being her achilles heel. I took after my grandmother I had a very care free fun personality and didn’t really work hard my entire life, school came easy to me so I had a lot of free time to mess around as a kid. Due to my grandmothers love for cigarettes she developed a lung condition known as emphysema.

I know I have been talking a lot about my Grandma, and how I take after her as a person. The real story hear is the one moment I had with her before she died, and how that moment shaped me as a person. I was a Freshman in high school at the time when I got the news that my grandma only had a few days to live, so immediately me and my family packed out bags and caught a flight to South Africa to be with her one last time before she passed away. As I stood there and watched the heart monitor flat line, I realized in that moment I would do everything in my power to make my Granny Pam proud. I think the reality of my Grandma’s death and actually witnessing it changed my mentality as a person and who I want to become later on in my life.

What I Learned:

A direct result of the death of my Grandma was the dramatic change of my performance in the classroom. I ended my freshman year of high school with a 2.8 GPA, and of course wasn’t very happy about that. However, my next three years of high school I didn’t receive under a 4.0 GPA, which gave me the opportunity to be part of the first generation of my family to be able to attend a four year college. Being able to succeed in high school and in my mind make my grandma proud has given me a new found confidence to keep achieving what ever goals I set my mind to. My grandmas death although brought a direct tragedy has ultimately changed my life for the better and has shaped me into the hard working young man I am today. My work ethic and new found confidence will hopefully propel my life after college into the right direction so I can ultimately make my grandma proud and achieve all the goals I have set for myself since that moment freshman year.



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