Wake Up Call

wake-up-callOver the past 20 years of my life I had several instances or events that have helped shape who I am today. Everything from sports experiences or cartoon shows I watched as a kid had added to the person I’ve become.  With that being said none of those compare to the changes I had to make after I received the first exam grade of my college career.  Its important to note that I came into college after just graduating high school with a 3.9 GPA.  The test was in my Sex Gender and Society class, a core class I was taking for my human diversity credit.  It was about a week after I had taken the test that I had finally received my grade and lets just say it wasn’t the A or B I was use too.

During high school, school came easy too me.  It was easy for me to go to class, understand the material and perform on test to obtain the grades I wanted.  My study habits were basically nonexistent because I never really studied for tests.  Coming to college with that mentality showed different results.  For my Sex Gender and Society exam I took the same approach but came out with different results.  After seeing the poor grade I received, I was shocked and at a loss for words.  It didn’t make sense to me that I could be the same student I was in high school and not perform proficiently on the exam.  It was essentially a “wake up call” and a reality check.   I knew I had to become more responsible and dedicated to my studies no matter that class.  College showed me that no class was an easy A and that full effort was required to succeed in college.

Possible Explanation:

In my moment of shock I did some extensive research to give me a concrete explanation as too why this was happening.  During my research (probably should’ve been studying) I came across a site that brought some clarity to my situation.  According to HealthyChildren.org many incoming college students struggle to adjust because of the lack of parental supervision.  To explain, in high school my parents always pushed me to stay in and stray away from distractions and focus on academics.  That meant when I had several homework assignments due my mom was over my shoulder making sure they got done.  When I came to college I didn’t have the sense of prioritizing hanging over me and I got easily distracted by other things.  I had the “I can do it later” mind set that often lead to heavy amounts of procrastination.  For those that don”t know, procrastination isn’t conducive to good grades. Which may or may not explain my poor performance on the test.


After all that, there was only one thing that needed to happen.  I needed to take control of my life and start prioritizing for myself.  I hate that I bombed the test but I can’t say I regret it.  By bombing that test it was clear that I needed to change for the better.  It was a maturing experience for myself and in that moment I made strides in my life to be more on top of my assignments and limit my distractions.  Even though a bad test grade doesn’t seem like much, its effects on me were everlasting.  I became a more mature version of myself with the ability to prioritize and make necessary sacrifices for my academic success in college.  I can honestly say I’m proud of who I have become today in result of that poor test grade.  It was an unfortunate event but I wouldn’t go back and change anything even if I had the chance to.


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