What if’s turning into reality

Twelve years later: …I finally had the chance to see my father whom I thought I would never see again in my life. He walked out when I was only six years old and the last time I saw him was when I was eight. Knowing he was in Colombia was one thing, but actually thinking I’d have the opportunity to go to Colombia and meet him and all of these unknown family members was like a bewildering dream.

Since I was eight years old: I had never been in touch with my dad. One day out of nowhere I heard that my older brother had gotten in touch with my dad. It wasn’t until twelve years later that I finally got in touch with my father and luckily had the opportunity to go and see him and learn about his life and his family which was mine, which was hard to get used to.

My dad, Omar, and me exploring Medellin

This was such an impactful experience for just a 20 year old girl not knowing what to expect ended up with some huge results. I learned a lot from the little time I spent with my father, I learned that there can be very good people who seem to be very wise and knowledgable but are so blind to many things that one may feel is obvious. No matter your age you always will have so much to learn about yourself and other people, you’ll change hopefully for the better and be able to adapt to other people’s perspectives without judgement.

Never really understanding why my dad walked out on us only knowing my mom’s side I knew there had to be some skewed stories from her part. Also being able to be at an age where I can understand their history and why adults make the choices they do now opened my eyes. Whether they regret it in the end or not there is always something to learn from a choices no matter how adverse. I had found out that my father has made many many mistakes but has gotten lucky with the people in his life where they are forgiving towards him and his acts.

In the end I really learned to appreciate my mother more than ever and everything that she has put herself through for my brother. Thanks to her we are stronger human beings with a better understanding of what it means to work hard for what you need and want. I am happy with the person I have become thanks to her and knowing that I turned out on top no matter what life threw at me.




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