Hello again!

captureEver since high school I have been reading the Wall Street Journal to try and broaden my understanding of the business world and get more in depth information into possible career fields I would like to pursue. This website provides me a wealth of information regarding stances on current political topics, sporting and/or main stream news, but most importantly, news regarding the business world. Although I prefer the actual newspaper that comes in the mail, the online website is convenient when I don’t have time to read through a whole newspaper or am on the go.

As my self being a stakeholder in the Wall Street Journal, my personal opinion is that the Wall Street Journal is the ideal online news center for people like me. It isn’t too crowded with articles everywhere like some other news websites and only has one or two advertisements that may distract your reading. It also a very solid user-centered design as discussed on the Purdue Owl. Right from opening the page (which is my homepage actually) some of the most important news of the day is directly in front of you. Whether it be the large movers on the market, key economic facts that have changed some market or company foreign or domestic, or even just ticker symbols scrolling across the top to get a quick glance at the market. Lastly there is also a very easily navigable glossary that is front and center to help me move quickly to specific information I would like to read.

What is also nice about the wall street journal is that sometimes, the journal provides video or pictures to get the main points of a lengthy article across. They are very convenient for people like who don’t have a lot of time in the morning to read an entire article and just want to listen to the main points while I am getting ready for class.

In terms of the articles themselves I believe the wall street journal does a great job of being cognizant of the shadow readers who are un-common or unintended readers of some articles. This is because the wall street journal does a good job of sticking to numbers instead of personal opinions. Numbers often show factual evidence rather than one’s own personal stance on an event or company etc. Websites can often try too hard to pursue one audience in their article or on their show that they can ignore facts or arguments just to prove a point. As a person who enjoys numbers rather than words I believe that this comes to a benefit to me when reading the wall street journal because I can derive important information quickly from articles without trying to decipher through the opinion of an author. By no means am I saying that the wall street journal doesn’t provide based articles opinion (this is an opinion based blog as well), rather, they are just proportionate to other sites.

The wall street journal does indeed focus on Genre-based Professional Communication. That the focus on a fixed template of information is given to the entire audience. They set aside personal rhetoric to focus on information received by the audience and the impact of that information. It seems to all be very consistent with those who read (at least with who I have talked to) due to the area in which the information is portrayed. Even though there are some articles that indulge in main stream celebrity news or sports, a lot of articles may require a certain vocabulary or education that not all may have including myself (who is learning this vocabulary currently). Some articles require a high attention to words that may not be used in any scenario other than the business world which makes it exciting to read because there is always something new to learn!

This is why I love the wall street journal and continue to learn and read it almost every day. It is intriguing, educational, and exciting!



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