bloombergBloomberg News is one of the many services developed and run by Bloomberg LP. This news source is most widely known in the financial world but certainly has expanded its reach into technology, politics, culture, and opinion news. I first began using Bloomberg for classes in Leeds, either finding sources for research papers or by utilizing the Bloomberg Portals for financial analysis. Bloomberg became more prevalent in my work as a student but also at my internship with a wealth management firm for its news and its data tools. I have used the Bloomberg Portals extensively for school and work but I also turn to Bloomberg News as one of my favorite news outlets because of its rhetorical awareness and user-centered design.

Rhetorical Awareness

Bloomberg excels at rhetorical awareness and addressing the needs of its audience. Articles feature the most critical points addressed in the paragraphs for a super condensed version. This caters to how most of stakeholders in Bloomberg and myself like to digest news. The news is laid out purposefully for people with little time for an entire several hundred-word article. I am lucky enough to have unlimited access to almost all news outlets through my employer and naturally that’s where I read a lot and catch up on current events. Due to the fact that I work as I am on Bloomberg it is user-centered that the news is condensed into bullets. A lot of my financial work is keeping up with macro news on the economy as well as specific market movement.

Bloomberg sets itself apart because of its synergies between its various products and platforms that make it news so enjoyable. Because of this Bloomberg is able provide the audience with a complete context of the topic without all the writing. Within Bloomberg, hyperlinks are embedded in articles for more detailed stories or related stories connected to that particular article. These links can be to past articles on the developing story, video or photographic content to hear and see exactly what happened, or data that when used on the Bloomberg Portal links the user to in depth financial information and tools. It is a stream of information that Bloomberg constantly updates to keep its stakeholders completely in the know. This awareness is why I look to Bloomberg; condensed notes provide a great snapshot in a small amount of time but links and featured stories fill in the gaps with much more detail if I want to explore the topic more.

Information is written in paragraph form but often is full of direct quotes and actions rather than too much analysis. The analysis is displayed in graphics or bullets so that the main points are understandable but also backed by evidence. Bloomberg does not neglect its ability and the news to influence people emotionally through featured pieces that feature stronger stances and are more anecdotal than their shorter articles.

Sentence Design

As noted in the rhetorical awareness section, Bloomberg likes to use bullets and graphics. Most paragraph sentences are quoted or paraphrased but are edited to inform the reader the most important information near the beginning. Bullets and graphics implement writing and are also short to allow a reader to jump to different links between articles.

Information and Document Design

My criticism of Bloomberg is that its informational design and document design are lacking some of traits that great design has. Table of contents and page numbers are lacking from Bloomberg’s document design. Bloomberg articles tend to not have many headings or queues to guide the reader. Despite some of these formatting errors Bloomberg is laid out incredibly well and provides a lot of summary pieces in its articles moving from general to more detail. Bloomberg also excels at its site design that is integral to great document design. Despite not having page numbers or a table of contents Bloomberg is a clean site that becomes very intuitive. Topics of politics, technology, business, and more are color coated by article. News can be filtered by geographic continent, country, or world news. And of course, Bloomberg has various financial filters, stock ticker, and a trending news story banners all posted front and center on the home screen.


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