People are constantly getting sick, I know that for me I always google causes, side effects and treatments and tend to get led to WebMD, my best friend. Knowing that I was sick or needed something but not tot he point where it was bad enough to go see a doctor. It is just so simple to go online and see what it is I have and treat myself. Here is the link if you want to take a look at it: WebMD

Rhetorical awareness: The purpose of the site is to provide health information services for people in north america.With the goals to provide an easy way to people to learn about health and health care topics. For example the symptom checklist and pharmacy/ medicine information. There are blogs from physicians about health care related topics and you can just use it as a place to have personal medical information. The audience is ever person in the United States that has access to the internet that may have an issue related to whatever WebMD provides.

As well as these people being that audience they are also the stake holders, but more importantly physicians around the US are the biggest stake holders and are most affected by the site, because the more people use the site the less they will go in to make an appointment to get the doctor’s opinion unless it is something super serious. Lastly the context of the website comes form real things that have occurred to people or can occur to people. Information that is relevant to the average person living int he United States.

User-centered Design: digging in deep with the audience/readers what exactly are their expectations? Well what we expect form WebMd is an easy access to be able to view and answer any questions we have pertaining to health that comes form a reliable source. The characteristics of the audience are that people who are most likely to be reading the work are young adults to adults who are either single, in a couple, or even in a family. A mother could go on to the website to find a remedy for her somewhat sick children.

The audience is a mixture of decision makers, stakeholders, and shadow readers I feel although probably most specifically shadow readers, people who will go on the website put not partake in and review and or comments. The audience hold s a huge  position on the company because if people start using the website less and less then they are more likely to go out out business. So they want to continue having a large audience. In the end the audience’s goal is to be able to find useful information that they can apply at home without the need of spending too much money or wasting too much time.Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 2.58.20 PM.png

The website makes it very accessible for the readers and user friendly where it is easy to look and find the information you want or to find other interesting things you may want to find more about. The page is easy to navigate includes pictures and videos within the page. It is an easy and simple to read website that is not hard to follow and understand. I feel as though WebMd did a good job to attract readers and keep them coming back to the website with good information as well.







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