Cable News Network, also known as CNN, is an American basic cable and satellite television channel owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner Cable. CNN’s biggest competitors include Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CBS News and CNBC. Although there is much controversy on which news network is preferred, and always providing it’s audience with correct and unbiased information, based on statistics we can conclude that CNN is the favored news network. CNN was deser
vingly ranked the number one cable news in prime time this past April, marking the fifth time beating Fox News in the last eight months. CNN also beat MSNBC for the twenty-seconded month in prime time.

Besides statistics, it is apparent CNN is a successful network, due to its mission to create the finest possible news product and to present hard-breaking, national, and international news, as it unfolds. The website alone is extremely user friendly, inviting people of all ages to engage in it’s information. The color is red used throughout the website, which is a color commonly known as a symbol of high energy and aggression. The color red is also very stimulating to the eye, which was definitely taken into consideration during the websites creation and user centered design process. When visiting, the home page presents its current leading story, along with a large photograph related to the headline, in order to draw the reader’s attention. Below the headline, there are usually around five sub-articles relating to the main topic, allowing the reader to explore different aspects of the main headline. Another user-friendly feature to CNN’s website is the different categories of news located at the top banner. Although I believe it is important to educate oneself on a variety of things happening in our world, some times it is nice to be able to pick a topic you are most interested in. Different categories include US News, World News, Politics, Money, Opinion, etc. This feature is convenient for people who are quickly looking for current news of a specific topic that they are most interested in.

After learning more about how User-centered design is processed, it is clear that the designers of CNN’s website practiced this strategy by fitting the needs, wants, and limitations of end users of their website creating a practical yet aesthetically appealing website.

Regarding the actual writing, the authors of CNN use intriguing diction and a functional format leaving its readers satisfied and educated on the topic they were seeking information on. Although the majority of leaders at CNN are likely liberal leaning, they try their hardest to find representatives of all candidates, giving them time to time and express their opinions. CNN delivers a diverse range of perspectives about multiple categories, mainly including; political, finical, and technical, entertainment, all expressed in an unbiased approach. Creating an unbiased news network was a smart marketing idea because this network attracts people from both political parties, resulting in a high number of users.

Quality is the most important factor in everyday products, and is it clear that CNN strives to create a quality news network. This is done by creating a website that is quick and easy throughout its entire context, is visually appealing, and also legible throughout its articles.




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