Dr. Mercola


While many people will surely take this opportunity to talk about political news outlets they find informative (as politics are such a hot button issue right now). I want to take the time to talk about a little know doctor and his website. And that although he may lack name recognition does not lack credibility. Dr. Mercola, who’s name is very recognizable in the natural health field although not everywhere uses his expertise to inform on health related subjects, whether it be disease, food or exercise.

Rhetorical Awareness: In the natural health field Mercola.com is a great resource for broad audiences to understand what’s new in the realm of their health. This website helps people of all knowledge and skill levels stay informed. It is also incredibly interesting articles.  Dr. Mercola’s mission is everyone to be able to access reliable, unbiased articles concerning everything from myths about saturated fat to something basic like why exercising every day is important. The stakeholders in doctor Mercola’s website would be the people who are involved in the natural health industry. It is in their best interest to promote this site among other sites like this to help shed light on preventative medicine. When companies like big pharma would prefer to keep these types of sites unknown and keep people sick. Dr. Mercola is a medical doctor however his website is far more about natural health thus creating credibility in both the western and natural medicine fields. He made a decision after learning western practices to teach and preach preventative medicine.  He and his staff are writing to inform the public without having to pay.


User-Centered Design: In terms of the actual article Mercola.com produces they are incredibly focused on a user-centered design. Where as many articles especially those in the health field are written in a essay or paragraph type format. Mercola uses very short paragraphs in combination with diagrams, bullet points and charts both containing words and pictures in order to create a use-friendly article that doesn’t seem intimidating to read in its entirety. And information that is the most pertinent is high lighted, although the articles can still be read in their entirety. He also offer’s “Story at-a-glance” this helps the audience to understand what the article is about before delving in to the main words the author has written. The topic lines and article titles are sought to get your attention and grab your interest. They aren’t basic titles but questions and reasons in order to get the audiences attention. Although these article may seem understandable with any skill set the articles are not dumbed down. His website is clean and concise although it is also very basic. However for the most part the website and documents are easy to navigate. I would say that what makes Mercola.com  the most difficult to navigate would be the advertisements but that is why the articles are even possible to produce.

Concluson: Dr. Mercola communicates with many audiences both informed and uninformed. He uses basic and simple website structure. Utilizes different ways of presenting the information whether it be via charts, bullet points or columns. His language and his information is interesting, persuasive and verifiable to the reader and the audience. The way he designs his information is beneficial to all audience members, stake holders and shadow audience members alike. He uses language and information that people of all knowledge levels can understand.  There is something proprietary in his articles, they cannot be found just anywhere on the internet.


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