Free the Boy

free-oakA website I use frequently for information is Complex is a magazine that is digital and utilizes different platforms such as twitter, Instagram, & Facebook on their own accounts to also release information. On their website, they have many different subject channels like music, style, pop culture, sports, sneakers, and life. The main benefit to having so many different subject channels is having a diverse demographic.

Design: When you log onto, the first thing you see is their black Complex banner with a search bar and links to their social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. (You can click onto their other social media platforms and you will be able to view their other media channels.) Directly below they usually have an advertisement banner(This one is for a scary movie, A Cure for Wellness.) Next, you will see they have 3 of their most viewed current stories on the top of the page following under is the editor’s top picks. When you get onto their website, their main page is organized by chronological order of time with stories and information on each different subject channel. There is a tab to direct you to any subject channel you wish to further explore and they also differentiate each of the words with a different color scheme. What I like about Complex is their ability to integrate videos and gifs onto the articles. It makes the reading experiences more vibrant and enjoyable.

Rhetorical AwarenessIn the article, Charles Oakley Versus Knicks Security: A Frame-By-Frame Breakdown, the intended purpose was to tell the true story behind Charles Oakley, who is a former New York Knicks basketball player and the owner of the Knicks, James Dolan altercation. The night before the story was published there were a lot of negative accusations coming from the New York Knicks press release in regards to Charles Oakley. Oakley was later arrested on 3 misdemeanor charges because of the altercation between him and the owner Dolan. The audience who will be reading this article is any current and or old sports fans. Complex target market is millennials and this article is a hot topic in sports media right now. Since it is a hot topic it is on top of their sports section, so that will bring many unintended and shadow readers to this article. The stakeholders that will be negatively affected by this article is the New York Knicks owners, franchise and organization, and their fans. The context of this article shows that the owner Dolan and Oakley have some history because Oakley played for the Knicks for 10 years and is also a fan of the team. Oakley seems to be in disgust in the ability and performance of the New York Knicks. He wants to see change and as a former player, and his opinion is well respected because of his accolades and time with the Knicks .

User-Centered Design: Complex utilizes User-Centered Design in every aspect. The way they utilize “Document Design” is by having all of their information organized into different subject channels. They use a lot of structure and integrate videos and other visual aspects to make their everything ideal and easy to follow. They utilize “information design” by having informative headings and easy flow on the details into the article. Lastly, they utilize “sentence design” by making all of the articles easy to read with the structure and word usage, understanding who their audience is, and putting out articles that are informative and at the same time enjoyable. Although their name is Complex, they make their website easy to read, understand, and easy to navigate and that is one of the reasons why I enjoy Complex.

P.S. The picture and my title are from the article!


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