adidasyeFor many years, Adidas has been an afterthought compared to the premier brand, Nike. Adidas just couldn’t compete with Nike because of Nike’s ability to endorse the bigger athletes. Recently, Adidas has totally made a jump in sales in the last quarter by 31% by making a strategic move and that is to retro their popular classic models like to the superstars and the Stan Smith. In recent years they have put out some of their best shoes yet according to social media and shoe blog outlets. They have signed superstar athletes like Von miller, (who was the 2016 Superbowl MVP), Derrick Rose, James Harden, Lionel Messi, Adrian Peterson, and Aaron Rodgers amongst others. One of their biggest signees in recent years is artist Kanye West, who was initially signed to Nike. His contract was up with Nike and Adidas decided to take him under their wing and his shoes have taken over the shoe industry by storm. Kanye West’s shoes are always sold out in seconds because of everyone’s love for his product and design. When Kanye West drops a new design, a lot of people are emotionally invested into the product. He drives up sales as well as giving people a premium brand that is limited to the consumer. Emotional branding is important because we see how people react to his products and want to be associated with everything he puts out because it is a premium product.

Design: Throughout the Adidas website, they utilize a lot of white space as John Mcwade alluded to in his course lecture. When you visit,  you will see all the products projected with a white background. Everything is simple and the design is straight to the point with the product details and price to the right of the picture. Another aspect Adidas utilizes in John Mcwade’s lecture course is the focal point. When you select on the desired shoe, it is the only thing that is displayed in the picture, along with 7 additional pictures of different angles of the product selected. The “set type boldly” is applied in every product by Adidas emphasizing the importance in every product description. Adidas puts the important information like the name of the product, price, and shipping costs in bigger bold font while everything is written in regular font size. Everything is easily accessible with tabs to direct you to exactly what you looking for and even a search bar to specifically find a product. At the bottom of the page, you will see a more in depth of what the product comes with and the technology used. There is also a section directly below that displays, “you may also like” based on their algorithm and what other people potentially looked at and purchased.

Rhetorical Awareness: They utilize rhetorical awareness by understanding who their target market is and how to directly communicate to them with simple designs and accessibility. Adidas understands it’s purpose to sell the product, so they always inform the consumer about price, product details and what exactly comes with the product.

Authenticity: Adidas has ambitions to be a sustainable company.This means Adidas is balancing all of their shareholders and understanding the fundamental aspects of respecting human rights.This shows ethos within the company by Adidas staying true in what they believe in and doing so on a big platform. Staying an authentic brand is essential to the consumers and all of the stakeholders.

Visual Rhetoric: They use black, white and a gray color scheme throughout their website. Adidas uses these neutral colors to put more emphasis on the products they are displaying. The main focal point is the products and so by using the neutral color scheme, it makes it an ideal display. Adidas incorporates visual rhetoric throughout their site. Adidas emphasizes a lot on images more than words to show different products. Also, all of their tabs and words on the main bar are clickable. This helps with the visuals and helping the consumer to be able to maneuver throughout the website by making everything user-friendly.


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