Everyone knows the company Apple, but if not, Apple is a technology company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics like computer software, hardware, and online services. If you want to check out the website here: Apple

Apple has been a company that has grown so much and so fast it is almost astonishing how far they have gotten just within a few years. They are a large company and are stilapplel growing. Somewhere the company is performing so well is its branding, and a huge part that has to do with it is the website and the setup and layout of the website. Apple did a great job with building their brand up; they created a simple story with the moto from the beginning to “think different”. They applied that to their website and made it different. They made it super simple and pleasing to look at. They kept to their story and applied to all their products on their website they would reiterate it, in other words; they knew their story.

As I mentioned above they keep their website very simple they make the design very easy to follow, they have their options at the top and easy to find what you are looking for or find something to shop and look at.  Even when it comes to look at each product on the website individually you click on the photo of the product they display and it automatically takes you to the product and information about it. This is where they include their story and simplicity.

Apple’s focal point to me is is the apple that is their logo. It is huge and simple and brings attention. They got the form of the apple and made it super big where at it was is the apple. This also works in the white, apple keeps everything white expect for the silver apple or if it is on a product the apple is white. They do a good job at unblocking and make sure that not too much is going on in their logo and on their website.

They make their website pleasing by highlighting some of the products by setting type boldly. This helps with the visual effects.

One of the biggest things that apple does a good job about their website are the colors they use. The colors match with the products which makes it more pleasing and attractive to look at through the audience’s eyes. They make the colors very chique and futuristic. Super high-tech that is what they portray in their brand.

As for the user-centered design, the document design of the website is very easy to navigate with a clear table of contents headers and footers. They make it with endless scrolling which makes it easier to navigate. The information design where everything on the page is easy to understand, where the general information is in the beginning and the specific information goes after you try to look more into the product. The sentence design is used in a very clever way here because they wrote out to the audience in a way that meets the audience’s needs they have in mind. Apple is a great company that I love to buy products from and find it fascinating the way they set up their website.


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