ESPN Insider


The Insider:

ESPN is an extremely popular website where people go to find all relevant information and news on current sports. ESPN Insider is the next step for all sports fanatics out there, it has everything you could ever want to know about sports including insightful analysis and predictions on upcoming games and events. I have had a passion for sports all my life and when reading ESPN just wasn’t enough for me I turned to Insider where I was able to increase my sports knowledge exponentially. The authors of the Insider are extremely knowledgeable and usually have ten plus years of experience in their specific fields. They are able to go above and beyond and give analysis on sporting events that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else, and if you are a avid fantasy football player such as myself it gives you an edge over whoever you are playing against.


The audience of ESPN Insider is any sports fan out there wether you love soccer, football, basketball, etc… ESPN Insider has an article that you would want to read. ESPN alone is sometimes enough for some sports fans, but ESPN knows that they cater to all levels of sports fans and they take full advantage of that. Stakeholders who watch sporting events here and there may just visit ESPN once a week to catch up on scores and events, People who watch sports avidly because they have a favorite team or something are usually satisfied with going on ESPN and reading articles here and there as well as checking rankings and scores. Now if you are like me and absolutely can’t get enough of sports or just love fantasy football, ESPN caters to this audience through the Insider where you have to pay a subscription to view the content so you know it’s going to be good.

User-Centered Design:

The color scheme of ESPN is a bold red that catches your attention however, the Insider has a more subtle yellow color scheme. These differentials help you navigate the website and to know where you are at all times and what content you are reading. On the website they also have tabs so it is easily navigable, also it allows you to know when you there is an article that is only available through the Insider. ESPN is smart in the way they get people to subscribe to the Insider they will allow you to read just enough of the article to get you hooked, so for people like myself that can’t get enough of sports related news it is almost a must to subscribe so I can keep reading.


The purpose of ESPN Insider is to give its’ stakeholders a larger more insightful knowledge of sports. The way they are able to accomplish this is through a lot of research and inside news that only they are able to receive based on how reputable ESPN is in the sports world. This is also the reason they are able to charge for this information, because not just anybody has it and they know that. Another purpose of Insider as I mentioned earlier is for fantasy sports participants. Fantasy sports especially fantasy football has blown up in the past couple years with large sums of money on the line for every league that is played. Insiders purpose in this is to aid these players in making the most informed decisions on what players to draft, start, and bench every week. This knowledge is gold when you are playing in a league where the prize money can be anywhere from $100 to $1,o00. Finally ESPN Insider is a great website that allows its’ readers to really be able to engage in the content.



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