imagesI am an incredibly lively person, and I enjoy participating in a variety of activities in my day to day life, whether it be yoga, skiing, or hiking.  I also have an unhealthy obsession with clothes, especially when it comes to active wear.  Although it is often way out of my price range, Lululemon is one of my favorite active wear brands as their clothes are stylish, versatile, and incredibly comfortable. They are also by far my favorite athletic apparel website because it really feels like they are selling something more than just active wear.  Basically, they sell a lifestyle that is characterized by active, healthy living.  Although I spend the majority of my time on this site just looking at the clothes, on occasion I will be persuaded to shell out an irresponsible amount of money for an item or two.

Visually Stimulating, Simplistically Executed

When you first visit Lululemon online, you can tell that they sell high quality, well made athletic clothing.  Their simple yet sleek web design creates a calming experience for their audience by getting rid of any clutter that may distract a viewer away from the items being sold.  The website employs white space in order to focus a viewer’s attention exclusively on the articles of clothing.  Additionally, they only utilize grey and black as colors for the menu tabs and photo backgrounds, so that when color is used, it only appears on their clothing pictured on the site. These techniques employed by Lululemon emulate those addressed by John McWade, especially in relation to focal points and simplicity.

Pictures of clothing are portrayed in neatly spaced rectangles that include the color choices, the name, and the price in a simple, light grey font underneath the photograph.  The color options appear in small circles that can be clicked on to change the picture to match the chosen color.  Additionally, when the mouse is dragged over a picture of a clothing item, the photo flips to reveal the backside of the garment.  This layout highlights their clothing in an organized and clean manner, demonstrating their commitment to a simple, yet balanced design aesthetic.

As for their style and type, they use a simple, thin lined font for the headers that facilitates the development of their clean and clear visual aesthetic. Menu tabs are in a smaller bold font to create a hierarchical understanding of importance through contrast.  Each design element helps to create an experience that emulates their audience’s values and preferences.  Targeting active people who appreciate comfort and quality, Lululemon has developed a website that deeply embodies these qualities, and perfectly reflects their audience.

Selling a Story, or Selling Clothes? 

Lululemon doesn’t just sell clothing; they sell a lifestyle. Their website emulates their brand identity in that embodies balance and strength. Their webpage includes photos of people engaging in different sports and physical activities, showcasing their clothing in action, rather than just on a still model.  Lululemon includes a tab labeled “Inspiration” that details their own values and philosophies, as well as a behind the scenes look at the construction and design techniques they use to create their clothing.  Additionally, this tab provides information about how to get involved with the Lululemon community on a larger scale through active retreats, and coverage of their various global ambassadors.

Lululemon has a solid grasp on what story they want to tell, and they communicate it in a way that connects to their audience on a personal level.  Overall, their expansive showcase of visual rhetoric, and their development of a robust storyline creates a lifestyle that their audience wishes to emulate.  This in turn translates into higher sales as their audience actively pursues the lifestyle that Lululemon so successfully conveys.



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