Visual Rhetoric

joseph-barrientos-82309In today’s world, online shopping has become the easiest way to purchase products as well as have it delivered quickly and effectively. All websites have their own way of marketing their products to consumers. I chose to talk about and how they use visual images and rhetoric to appeal to the consumer.

When you end up at, the first things you notice are all the visual images. Actually, there are very few words at all anywhere on the home page. There is a menu at the top with different options, but other than that, they let visual rhetoric do that advertising. At the top of the page is a shoe video on a loop. It displays a “fit” woman exercising, putting emphasis on her shoes and the style that it demonstrates. This seems to show the consumer exactly what the product looks like in action and in person. Instead of just a picture of the products, the viewer gets actual video of what the product does, how it is used, as well as attracts people to the kind of lifestyle the users in the video live.

Perception of Importance

Underneath the video are pictures of the other apparel they are selling on the website. As Daniel Richards emphasized in his article, does a great job at drawing attention the things they are most trying to sell. Their products in the pictures are bright colors and immediately draw your attention. It also does a great job at encouraging action and showing that buying their gear will motivate you to be active and in shape.

Another thing that stuck out to me was one of the pictures was of comedian and actor Kevin Hart. This stands out because he is very well known, and it shows that famous people use their gear. Many consumers will find this to be interesting or make them feel like it is high end and something that they should be using as well. When the user chooses a category of sport or equipment in the menu at the top of the page, it again takes you to a page of nearly all images. Being a golfer, I clicked on the golf shoes option. The entire page became tailored to the newest and brightest colored golf shoes.

tyson-dudley-122441.jpgCustomization Effect

What I think is the most important is the ability to customize your product on the site before you purchase anything. People seem to be very visual, and the ability to see exactly what you are ordering, as well as being able to modify it is essential. This changes the perception of whatever they are ordering, and allows them to customize their equipment. Most importantly, this allows the customer to have unlimited options in color and design. There is nothing they are unable to find, making the easiest place to go for nearly any type of sporting equipment. does a great job at highlighting what is important through visual rhetoric. Just like the idea of the child and the dinosaur, draw the attention of site visitors to the apparel and what it does. The logo on every piece of equipment is centered and obvious. It is never hidden by a wrinkle in the fabric or the movements of the subject in the picture. It works to evoke feelings from the viewer by showing “fit” people using their products. It not only makes people want to buy the product, but it makes them feel as if they buy it, they will be in shape as well. A shoe seems like a shoe in most cases, but this website makes it feel as if it is a necessity if you are going to take your sport seriously.


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