Social Print Studio

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-3-30-05-pmAs you have learned about me by now, Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I love getting out and taking pictures, so I’m always looking for new ways to showcase my photos. When I came across Social Print Studio (formerly Printstagram) I was instantly hooked on their concept. As the name suggests, they take your Instagrams or photos and turn them into products such as calendars, greeting cards or stickers. They provide clients with a plethora of ways to display and share their images. The visual rhetoric of websites has a strong effect on our experience with that company, often without us realizing it. Social Print Studio’s website felt like a breath of fresh air to me. I’m attracted to neat, modern web designs that place an emphasis on images with carefully selected text. They mastered this concept with their user-centered design.

Featuring Photos

This San Fransisco startup has a clear mission – print your photos in a new and beautiful way. Their website accentuates this goal, as the first thing you see on the home page is a background of a large, simple photo with their product as the focal point. It phases through a series of photos that match this theme. This communicates the message to customers that printing is the heart of this company. They understand their audience as people who are dedicated to their photos, and therefore highlight the importance of their customer’s work by making it the focal point of the website’s home page. They make it easy for people to envision the products featured with their own photos. As a small company of only eight employees, Social Print Studio makes it their top priority to build good relationships with their customers. The text on their website makes you feel as though they are having lighthearted conversation with you.

How It’s Laid Out

As a whole, the pages of their website are simple and neat. The design makes good use of white space which guides the viewer’s eye to the photos, allowing them to take center stage. The website itself has a lot of content, as Social Print Studio offers many different products to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Content is organized clearly in tabs across the top of the page which blend in with the featured background until you scroll over them. These tabs then drop down to display a menu of products. This is accessible from every page on the website, making it easy for users to seamlessly transition from one page to the next. Let’s say you like the idea of having your own photos in a calendar, but you’re not sure if it will look as good as you think. On each of the individual product pages, the site allows you to select your images and preview what the finished product will look like. This takes a customer’s photos and literally puts them in context, helping the customer feel sure about their purchase.

It’s In The Logoprint-studio.png

In the top left corner of the website, rather small, is the Social Print Studio name and logo. They selected an image of a heart comprised of overlapping circles of cyan, magenta and yellow – the primary colors of printing. The heart shape indicates love and inclusion. Without any words, this logo symbolizes the company’s passion for printing. This logo is also quite literally the heart of the website, because no matter where you’ve wandered to clicking on it will bring you back to the home page. The rainbow color scheme of this logo signifies acceptance, a theme that is carried throughout the website subtly. Sample photos of products are rich in color and feature a wide variety of subjects. This communicates a message to customers that they can print anything they desire. The creators use a pathos approach with their marketing. They want customers to feel that their photos are important, special and need to be shared, which hopefully will lead them to purchase their products.


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