Trendy Addiction

downloadFor those of you that don’t know me that well, I LOVE to buy new clothes.  Theres nothing like the feeling of coming home after a day of shopping and having bags full of new clothes.  I do all kinds of shopping from thrift stores, to malls, to online sites.  A site I frequently buy from is Urban Outfitters.  Urban Outfitters is a clothing company that specializes in bringing its customers the most recent fashion trends at affordable prices.  From retro jackets to ripped jeans Urban Outfitters offers products for all styles.

Initial Observations:

At first look, the site offers a relatively plain look with an all white background and black lettering all around.  In the middle of the page though, the website projects headlines with very vibrant colors to create a billboard like presentation of deals and new clothing lines being provided by Urban Outfitters.  Headlines or deals pertaining to women’s clothes often incorporate more feminine colors like pinks, light blues and yellows.  Deals displaying guys clothes are often colored with darker earthy colors and shades of grey.  From a completely rhetorical perspective, as discussed in the article by Daniel Richards, the drawing of the dinosaur emphasized the teeth and claws of the dinosaur to suggest dangerous.  Urban outfitters does essentially the same thing by highlighting the sales and new clothing lines with bright colors on the homepage.  Aside from the colors, Urban uses a simplistic look to their sight to not only give a modern and sleek look but also convey the fact that they are a more modern clothing company.  I believe it is this aspect of sleek and modern that helps in the selling of their clothes to younger ages but also older adults because there is nothing like being up to date with hip styles that makes a person feel that much younger.

Sales, Sales, Sales:

Other than the presentation of all there products, Urban outfitters always runs sales on specific categories of clothes, such as buy one get one free or 1/2 off all T-Shirts.  The sale items are displayed by a huge red line crossing out the old price and projecting the new price in big red letters.  The incorporation of the price being crossed out and the new one being presented in huge red lettering conveys to the viewer that they are getting a great deal and often times persuades the customer to buy the items.  I know this because I have fallen victim to this dilemma way to many times.  In my mind I’m getting a great deal, but this also drives me to spend more money because I can get more clothes for less money. It’s these frequent promotions that not only persuade customers to spend money on their clothes but also keep returning to the online website or stores to hop on the latest deals they’re offering.


Overall Urban Outfitters attracts many customers through its innovative and ever-changing styles.  It provides clothes that correlate with the innovation of the world around us and use that aspect as a way to sell clothes to customers.  People naturally want to fit into the world in every aspect of life whether its having the newest iPhone or setting the new fashion trends.  Urban Outfitters capitalizes on that facet of human nature and it allows them to thrive in the world of fashion.  Urban Outfitters ability to adapt to a changing world keeps customers, like myself, coming back and spending money on their products.  Clothes and fashion have always been a huge need and interest of mine and that is why Urban Outfitters is my favorite site to visit for the newest in trending clothes.


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