Xbox, A World of Gaming


378333Xbox is the gaming division of Microsoft. This division of the company produces games and consoles that compete with Sony, who produces the PlayStation 4, or Nintendo, who produces the Wii. When discussing graphic design, and how it is utilized by Xbox and Microsoft to enhance their website, we see a plethora of different techniques used to attract, and hold the attention of millions of buyers across the globe. These techniques, in my opinion, have a very strong effect on their target audience and is put together in a masterful way. The company focuses mainly on design techniques revolving around simplicity, focal points, getting extreme, along with storytelling intertwined into their marketing for each individual game. The website itself is very visual, and focuses mainly around showing the audience what can be offered rather than describing it through text.

Visual Elements and Design: 

When arriving to the homepage for the Xbox website, we are immediately introduced to what John called, “getting extreme”. What this means is having a focal point on your page that is extremely big and takes center stage. Xbox’s idea of getting extreme is a massive image of their brand new product, the Xbox One S. The image is a simple one, displaying the new Xbox, alone with a white background, making it stand out and obviously, grab your attention before anything on the page. More extreme images follow in a presentation format, rotating through pictures of games, bundle packages and deals, and other products with large visual images that can give you a great background of what you might be buying. When talking about focal points, certain colors and pictures can create even stronger focal points, attracting audiences in much more effective ways. The website in general is designed in a very simple manner, making it as if almost every image/text-box is a focal point on the website. Instead of having to navigate through countless tabs and options, hardly any thinking at all is required, as text is used at a minimal with large pictures and large, short and concise headings to summarize what you are looking at. It is a clean design, with the logo and Xbox green dominating the sites colors. When describing the logo, it is a sphere, covered by a large green X. What I see when I look at this logo is a world, represented by the shape they used, with the X representing the vast, creative, world that Xbox offers. The color of green, Xbox’s featured color, has many potential meanings, representing many different feelings or objects. The color Green, can be known to represent an emotionally positive color, or one that represents a relief from stressful life. These are all things that Xbox, or any gaming company for that matter, would want the consumer to experience when buying their products, and I thought it was a great choice of color for Microsoft and Xbox to highlight.

Attracting and Motivating the Audience:

Xbox attracts its audience by using almost all of John’s tactics and advice given to us in his lecture video. Xbox focuses on using focal points in extreme fashion, covering their homepage with blocks of different focal points for the audience to view. As I mentioned before, as soon as you enter the homepage for Xbox, you see gigantic pictures of featured products, as you continue to scroll down, the sizes of images stay the same, and the “hottest games” and latest releases all are displayed in grand fashion, just as the featured products. The website has little words, and is dominated by intense, thought provoking images representing their products that keep the audience interested. It is also very simple as I mentioned before, which is helpful to the audience, making them require little thought. When it comes to white space, Xbox uses the white space to highlight the column that dominates the center of the homepage. The white space on both sides helps to bring out their homepage column even more so than it already is with the “Going extreme” tactic. The website itself, focuses on showing you sales and bundles that you can purchase, almost always offering some sort of discount deal to your purchases. This not only can attract the consumer, but add to his interest, making him further motivated to buy more products. On every tab that is offered on the website, the front page of the tab follows the same technique of having a few main focal points, and highlighting them with extremely large pictures, with headings and text in a neutral green font. The website is as crafted almost to perfection and does a great job in attracting and motivating the audience to purchase its products.


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