The way the world and in particular millennia’s are shopping is continuously evolving. We are making the move form brick and mortar stores to online shopping and with that we are becoming more and more susceptible to advertising.

One of my favorite companies and the one I have probably given the most amount of my money to is Nike. Nike’s ad campaigns try to inspire you to be the best you can be and suggest that Nike’s products can help you achieve that goal. This is why they have a tendency to sponsor great athletes who overcame amazing odds. For example their most famous athlete, Michael Jordan, is considered the greatest basketball player to ever live and yet didn’t make his high school varsity team. does a great job of provoking that inspiration to get out there and make your dreams come true.


Focal Point

When you arrive at the first thing your eyes are drawn to is a large video atop the page. The video features an athletic beautiful girl, running, stretching, and training in a variety of different Nike products. It shows the subject lacing up her Nike sneakers, as well as stretching and actually running in them. While this video is obviously to showcase the shoe line, it serves a second purpose of giving your eyes somewhere to be naturally drawn, thus making the page more attractive and easier to view.


While the majority of the page is images, the text on the page does a good job of staying within Nike’s designs. Nike’s products are generally clean looking, simple products that focus on performance. Their homepage does a great job of supporting this. The texts they use contradict their backgrounds, generally black on white, which is simple and clean. While it is easy to read it is not overwhelming and doesn’t take away from the images on the page. Their iconic logo, the Nike “Swoosh”, also supports this. It is displayed on all pages throughout their website as black on white. This supports John’s idea that “the simpler design is the far more elegant design”.

User Centered Design

As for the user centered design of the page, the entire website is very easy to navigate. Above the focal point video on top the page are five categories; men, women, boys, girls, and customize. Within each of those categories there is a drop down menu that allows you to shop by type of shoes, type of clothing, or by sport. Although Nike has an insane scope of products in every sport, their user-centered design makes it easy to find the product you are looking for within seconds.

Rhetorical Awareness

It is clear that Nike understands the desires of their customers. Nike’s customers simply want to become better athletes. Nike refers to an athlete as anyone with a body, so in other words they want to help people simply become a better version of themselves. Every image on Nike’s page supports this purpose, whether it be a group of friends working out together, or Kevin Hart sporting the Apple/Nike watch geared towards helping runners track their stats. You cannot deny that Nike knows their audience. (Speaking of inspiring their customers to be the best version of themselves here is my favorite Nike ad of all time, guaranteed to inspire you

Nike is a great company that has taken over the sports gear industry in a short amount of time. It is through their rhetorical awareness as well as their successful advertising that it has been able to do so.


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