Understanding Graphic Design

One of my favorite things to buy is athletic clothing and especially Lululemon. Lululemon is a high end, yoga focused chain which sells trendy fashionable athletic wear and other accessories.

lululemon-bannerJohn begins by discussing the importance of simple. He says “simple is best.” Lululemon’s website expresses this very clearly. They have very little going on, there isn’t a lot of stuff happening on the initial page. There are only a few elements which are being featured and those that are simple. There isn’t a whole lot to look at on the page.

The website does a great job in reducing its message to the principle of the items in which I as the customer is on that page to do which is to buy their clothing. This aspect of keeping the page simple does portray it as being a high-end clothing store where the design seems much more powerful. The page is easy to look at and as you are looking at the clothes online you can image what you would look like when wearing their clothes doing the same yoga poses.

Immediately what you see when you open the website is the large image of a women in a back bend. This is the chosen focal point in which the website has chosen which gives the reader a place to focus on when they first click open the page. It’s big and it is bold and it emphasizes what the customer is there to buy.

White space was another important aspect in which John highlights. He says the use of white space is essential and a requirement for all design. Lululemon incorporates white space very well. It makes the website very visually pleasing. The color white is associated with light, goodness, safety, and purity all in which I feel have a relation to yoga. The use of the white space on the page works well with the brand and the simple look and design of the brand itself.

As well as the white space which is used, the color scheme for the rest of the page uses a couple other shades of grays. Lululemon’s brand really focuses on keeping their style of clothing very simple, plain and professional. I think that the colors chosen to illustrate the page depicts how they want their clothes to be like and to attract the correct audience onto their page. It draws in a more mature age group of consumers which also associates the brand to a more affluent class in society.

These colors are also very basic which therefore doesn’t allow it to repel a large audience into disliking the look of the page. As color is so important and John highlights the fact that even if we love an item but hate the color, we naturally won’t buy it. By having neutral colors, it will attract a lot more people than it will chase away.

John talks about type and how it alone is art. He recommends that the bolder the better. The type of text that Lululemon uses matches with how simple the overall look of the page is. The type is easy to read and the gray looks pleasant against the white background. The use of upper and lower case letters gives a softer appearance as it takes away the box like element leaving it to be very easy to read.

I think this website does a wonderful job in motivating its audience to buy their products through visual elements and the design because of how simple the online experience appears to be. It’s very straightforwardly laid out which I think would be appreciated by the audience they are trying to attack. The whole perception of the simplicity reinforces yoga and the experience you would have when doing it whilst wearing their apparel.


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