Capture.PNGAs one of my favorite things I own, as well as one of my favorite brands to buy, Apple products have taken the world by storm and it isn’t always the products themselves that make the sell. Apple is world renowned for the way they market themselves and the image of prestige they portray. It is hard to argue anything but amazing when looking at the Apple website. They excel in just about every piece of John’s video tips from the simplistic images, to the white space, and even the bolding of the texts.

The simplistic and easy to manage website doesn’t drown you in words or product descriptions, but instead shows one or two words that summarize the message each product is trying to portray. For the sake of discussion, I will use one of Apple’s products on their homepage as an example. The new, “Apple Watch 2,” has just been released and one of the key components of this new watch is its ability to be water-proof. This isn’t directly said when displayed on the front page of the website, instead it is shown though the background and imagery around the watch. Without directly being placed in water you can see the air bubbles that surround the watch with the caption, “live a better day,” which implies the healthier, active lifestyle, as well as functionality, that Apple is trying to show.

The apple watch also exceeds in the white space of the website. You can see the rule of thirds being put into place when the center of the site being the watch and the surrounding area being just plain white, which draws the consumer directly to what is important, the product.

Apple does a great job of understanding the wants and needs of their consumer. They know that in today’s world, people want to see the progression of companies towards a more environmentally stable company. Therefore, Apple places their progression right on the homepage with a link directly to see how far they have come and the moves they have made to protect the planet.

They also know that today’s millennial generation likes to mix our tech savvy nature, with being up to date on trends and fashions. That is why almost all the apple products, have sleek user friendly designs which focus on being easy to use, while being customizable to represent everyone. Today’s generation loves to be modern and simplistic and the apple logo does just that. With the importance of a logo as described by John is one of the most crucial aspects in a brand to make themselves well known and well respected. Apple’s logo does a great job by being consistent with the use of their logo. Throughout the website and their products, you can see the logo being used, but is not large and over used. Rather the logo is strategically placed in small corners of the website, and isnt the most noticeable part of their products either. In fact, it is a simple reminder to the user and others around them. This allows again for individuality with the products but also the stigma of owning a prestigious product, or even just shopping online for one.

For those who look towards the actual deep technological advancements in each product, Apple does a good job of using awareness to put what is important on each products description without over describing each one. They also continuously do a great job of exploring new ways to market themselves and provide great products to the market. The display of their website is a representation of who Apple is and how well they use the exact techniques John discusses. This is why I will continue to use and purchase Apple products with joy and excitement in each one.

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