Graphic Design and the Fresh Website


I personally do not shop online very much at all. I do most shopping in person and rarely if ever have spent time shopping or ordering things online. So for this blog post I decided to use the website of my favorite skincare company, Fresh. The company provides a multitude of skin care lines for all sorts of skin related issues and is incredibly helpful to someone with skincare issues.

Beyond their wonderful products, Fresh utilizes important aspects of graphic design to enhance their product and brand recognition and boost sales.

A Good First Impression

When logging on to the Fresh website, the first thing you see is a visual representation or rendering of one of their most recent products, surrounded by a pure white background and a visualization of some of their other products. The design elements here not only emphasize the most important aspect of their brand, the products, but also draw attention to the rest of the website. The white baseline for the website provides a clean, calm and sophisticated backdrop upon which Fresh presents it’s products. All other color on the website is primarily neutral tones so as not to take away from the bright and colorful displays Fresh provides to represent it’s products.

Further, many of the points made by John McWade in our Lynda lecture are clearly on display here, with a singular focal point of some type of floral display dominating just about every page on their website, as well as incorporating sleek design concepts that leave the customer informed and interested. Fresh not only wants their customers to buy their products, but wants customers to identify with an experience unique to that of Fresh. As such the graphic design elements they employ in the construction of their website provide a fulfilling experience for anyone interested in trying their skin care products.

User Centered Design

Fresh has designed their website to be centered on the user first and foremost. The website is easy to navigate and clearly designed primarily for the ease of the user. Their menu is easy to access and navigate with and finding the perfect product is an easy experience. The website as a whole is built on a user centered premise, as the website caters to the visual senses of anyone visiting their page.

Rhetorical Awareness

Fresh understands that it’s customers are typically people interested in high end skin care and as such are looking for in many cases more than just the product itself. On every page of their website, and through every package and container, Fresh makes it clear that they want customers to buy in to the fresh experience. The aspects of their design I’ve mentioned further enhance the Fresh experience and are used to further hook a customer base that is interested in high end skin care.

Authentic, Aware, Sustainable

Beyond just the obvious desire to sell their product, Fresh is a company that is built on a model of authenticity and sustainability. They source all of their products in natural resources and are very open about their culture, mission, and ethical sourcing. Fresh wants their customers to buy into the brand identity and the Fresh experience. They do so with a multitude of aspects of graphic and user centered design.


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