Looking Forward!


Thank you

regent-seal_listThis course has opened my eyes to plenty of new ways of thinking and new ideas on how to present myself in the professional world. I have learned more about who I am and where I stand in preparation when applying for jobs and trying to market myself. I have also been opened to a new side of what the University of Colorado, Boulder can offer me in terms of online resources. Lynda is a great unused resource that, if more students knew about it, could benefit from the lectures it offers and the information it holds. I had no clue this kind of resource existed and I do believe it should be incorporated more into freshman/sophomore level classes to help them be more prepared for applying for internships and jobs in their junior/senior years.

Looking Forward

I will continue to prepare myself for the job market by using the tips and tricks we learned in our projects from resumes, interviews, and even our online presence. It is very easy for people like myself post a statement or picture that wrongly resembles the person I am trying to display and have my image become skewed. Securing my presence online and making sure my posts/pictures are smart will help solidify the person I want to portray. The information I received from interview tips and tricks will give me a better sense of how to be more prepared for financial interviews in the future. It is also very easy for someone to go into an interview unprepared thinking that there will just be behavioral questions and not realize that just because our age, we will also be questioned on items that involve what we learn in school and what we may know about that specific employer.

I have also learned about the kind of writer I am in this course. I now have seen the confidence that I have in my writing and I can use that to help me portray to future employers and business professionals the kind of person I want. It is very easy for some people to write and bring in personal opinions or become braggadocios but if I remember to focus on the job and employer I believe my writing style will become more advantageous then a disadvantage.


I believed I have excelled in this course through being a better communicator and acquiring/improving skills in areas such as Excel where I may have previously lacked. I have also never had a group project such as this where it is entirely online; from getting together/meeting up, to an online meeting with Allison. Although it was strange and foreign I believe it was a beneficial aspect of this class and can only improve my communication abilities.  This was a new skill for me and, with the way the business world is going, will be more common than not. Being able to fully communicate a message, project, and information to a professor, colleague, or employer is a very crucial skill to have. Without being able to do it through any medium, I may find myself struggling to truly get the most out of some jobs or types of employments.  I do believe that looking forward after this class is only an uphill trend. This class has given me resources and skills that I can see myself using for the rest of my life and can even help me graduate over this next year. I know I have high ambitions but I can use these skills to look towards graduation and then plan my next goal. Thank you!


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