Working with User-Centered Design

Picture1.pngE-News is a popular TV show and website for entertainment news. E-News uses the latest celebrity gossip from Hollywood and incorporates User-Centered Design all throughout their web page.

The website has obviously taken the audience’s expectations into consideration as the people who go on to utilize this webpage want to read the biggest gossip headlines of that week or to keep up to date with what is going on in the celebrity world. Many of the people who read E-News don’t have endless amounts of time and just want to get the gist of what is going on. Because of this, the articles that get posted by E-news are rather short and to the point. By doing this, E-News is able to keep their readers engaged, and at the same time, comply to their reader’s time needs. This strategy ensures that readers find articles interesting and read the story to the end.

I would think that the main audience for this type of magazine would range from around eighteen to mid-twenties, specifically women. This is because when it comes to Hollywood gossip, women are E’s biggest consumers. This would make me think that the audience does affect the document expectations with the kinds of posts and articles that get published each week. E-news does well in accommodating what women of this generation what to hear and read about. If E-News posted documents about cars and guns, they would be appealing to men. Based on what kind of articles they post they could have an entirely different audience.

I imagine that most of the readers of E-news are just trying to accomplish in staying updated with the lives and the gossip of celebrities. Accordingly, E-news headlines with “Breaking Celebrity News” and “Top Stories” in attempt to draw the reader’s attention to their new articles. They also have their posts descending in a chronological order with the time in minutes which emphasizes how up to date and current their stories are.

The website is very tech-friendly. The page is easy to navigate and the documents are clearly headlined with a visually pleasing format which makes it appear less cluttered in comparison to other news sites. clicking on a photograph takes you to the related article very easily. This again is desirable for the target audience. The page is colorful and looks fun to read which is important because if it was in black and white with no photos or visuals it would just seem boring and wouldn’t draw readers attention.

E News’s website is entertaining. Next to every article and headline there is a photo of what the article entails. There are also videos and advertisements which are inviting to click on and read more. This consequently keeps people on the page for longer while they click from article to article where the photos or videos jump out at their attention.

The page has a great balance of white space where they then incorporate texts and images in which they reach the all-important goal of amusing or educating the reader on the topic they are choosing to write about. From what I learned in the lecture this week that is one of the most important things in making a piece of reading easy to remember and to understand.

Never when I’m reading E-News do I find jargon or word choice that is difficult to comprehend. This is another important thing to consider when creating user-centered design. It is clear that the authors of these articles are keeping the target audience in mind.

Overall, I think that E News has great rhetorical awareness. The website is very fitting for the readers that the website is designed to appeal to.

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