A Final Reflection

Looking Forward

CUThe next few coming weeks have an extremely bittersweet overtone for me. Although I am graduating college a week from tomorrow and have so many things to look forward to, I am also extremely anxious and nervous about a million more things. Although the biggest of these worries is finding a job, I feel this course has already helped prepare me a great deal to enter the job market. This course has forced me to think and write about myself, which is not something that I do often. I think however, that there is a lot of intrinsic value in writing about yourself. It forces you to evaluate you values, beliefs, and strengths and learn how to talk about them.

Moving forward I plan to continue developing my personal brand through exercises like these. Additionally, Lynda is a resource I had never heard of before this class. I believe that there is a lot of helpful and interesting content on Lynda, and I hope to continue using courses and lessons from that to further my personal brand and writing.

My Writing

Although I believe that you need to portray different sides of yourself and different strengths depending upon the position being applied to, in this class I have learned how to better state what I am trying to say to come across with the image I desire. It is very easy to post one statement or image that can ruin entirely the professional image you are trying to create for yourself. Being extra diligent in monitoring what I write and share can help protect my professional image. In an interview setting, the resumes and interview tips we learned this semester will help me continue to portray the image I want to throughout the interview process. Additionally throughout the semester I have mastered my Elevator Pitch and feel strongly that I could confidently present it to anyone at any time.

Through reading peer’s assignments and blog posts this semester, one strength I believe defines me is my conciseness. I believe many people take too long to get to the point and add in unnecessary detail when writing in a professional business setting. I think that my writing is much more to the point, which is what is desired in professional communication. Another thing that I have discovered through this course as well as emailing a variety of job recruiters and interviewers, is the vast array of writing styles and tones, even within a professional business setting. Different recruiters and interviewers can have extremely different tones and customs for communicating professionally. A major strength of mine that I have identified is being able to adapt to these different styles and pick up on rules and customary formats quickly.

Where I Excelled

I think where I excelled in this course was traditional application material. Although I learned many things about my writing style and how to think about an audience while writing, I still believe my strength comes down to my resume and linkden profile. I believe both portray a hard working, organized, leader and that they both look professional. Although I believe a cover letter is important, I believe a resume can be a better tool, as I hear from many people that a cover letter is usually never read in its entirety. If my grades are any evidence, then Allison you probably agree with me that my resume and linkden profile would be considered strengths over my cover letter and organizational writing.


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