Final Reflection

kyle-sudu-39200The importance of your personal brand was talked about and demonstrated throughout the course. From our projects to our posts, we learned the importance of marketing one-self in order to stand out from other potential candidates. With so many young adults entering the job market every year, it has become increasingly important to make your brand cohesive and authentic.

Implementation in the Job Market

This class has really made me consider how I want to portray myself going forward, as well build upon my personal brand that I have begun to expand throughout the semester. In order to prepare for the job market, I plan to take the skills that this course has taught me and implement them. Continuing to build my brand, develop my professional knowledge, expand on experiences for resume and LinkedIn purposes, and improve on business writing fundamentals will be key for proving to potential employers that I am qualified and able to succeed at any position I may be trying to attain. I want my personal brand to show who I am, both professionally and personally. I plan to use my website that was created in class to expand on both.

I also see it being beneficial to continue using the resources that were offered to the class this semester. To start, the professional development unit and Lynda lectures were incredibly helpful. The available topics are both broad and extensive, offering various choices to further our learning in nearly any topic. I also hope to continue using WordPress. Continuing to learn the nuances of the blog site and continuing to build on my own site will help to further develop my brand professionally market myself to potential employers.

The way that people portray themselves is a direct representation of who they are. This class has shown be the importance of social media and its benefits. However, I have been shocked to learn about the possible negative effects that social media can have on your professional brand if used incorrectly. It has helped me to take a closer look at the ways that I portray myself online, and helped me to correct any issues that I may not have been aware of prior to this semester. I have learned to improve my professional writing online in terms of concise emails and well researched informative topics.

mathias-konrath-245239.jpgStrengths in Writing

Throughout the semester, I learned a lot about my strengths in my writing, as well as what I needed to correct in order to be even more competitive in the job market. I felt as if I could easily express my thoughts and ideas in writing, often more efficiently that I could verbally. I felt that this strength was something that would help me professionally if I could continue to find ways to utilize it. I discovered that my writing style was typically overly detailed, which made writing concise professional emails a weakness for me. The course helped me to strengthen that weakness, learning to balance detailed writing with “to the point” emails that keep employers interested. Now, I feel confident both in writing professional emails and detailed papers.

I felt that I excelled in the visual aspect of the course. Creating a visually appealing slide deck, personal website, and group website was something that I found interesting and new. Throughout our education, we learn how to write and format our thoughts in ways that interest others. I enjoyed learning about making thoughts visually appealing to an audience. In a time where digital and visual learning is everywhere, it was extremely beneficial to learn how to utilize these changes. I do believe, however, that continuing to build on what I feel I am already good at will continue to benefit me now and in the future.


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