Final Reflection

Elephant Reflection.jpg

What’s Next:

As I continue my journey to becoming a business professional, I will keep seeking to gain more knowledge and experience, in order to be as successful as possible. As a finance major my profession is extremely competitive and only the best succeed, therefore, I will need to continue to find things that will set me apart from my competition. The way I will do this is through my personality and making connections in the future rather than relying purely on my intellect. My new knowledge on being able to communicate professionally will help me find these opportunities with business professionals. After learning the importance of building a personal brand I will continue to grow and make sure to take every experience into account as it could be something I could add to my brand in the future.

What I learned:

Taking this class I have learned a lot about how I should portray myself as a business professional personally and in my writing. Personally I have learned to make sure to be prepared and always have an elevator pitch ready if the occasion occurs. As well, I have learned to make sure I dress appropriately and greet people in a professional manner. Seeing as this is a writing class I have learned a lot more about being a writing professional. My main takeaway from this course that I was really hoping to learn from the beginning, was how to portray myself professionally in my writing via email and other writing sources. To me a skill I lacked at the beginning of the semester was writing professional and concise business email, and I personally feel I can confidently do that now. Another part of my professional business writing that needed work was my Linkedin and resume and after taking this course I am confident when business professionals see my Linkedin or look over my resume. Being confident in these skill-sets have made me confident that I will be able to portray myself professionally later on in the business world.

What I Discovered: 

Through out my entire career as a student I have continued to grow as a writer, after taking this course I was able to discover a lot more about what I liked and disliked about my writing style. One of the main things I discovered about my writing after taking this course is how quickly I was able to adapt as a writer and be able to learn a new style. This discovery is pivotal in the business world as it is important to be flexible and be able to change quickly. One thing I was very surprised about is the different tones and styles job recruiters use when emailing me, my ability to mimic this and adapt to the different tones  I felt really helped me when discussing topics with them. Another thing I discovered about my writing style is how direct and concise I can be which I really think will help me in the business world, I believe this will make me sound clear to consumers and executives that I am writing to.

Where I Have Excelled:

Taking this course taught me a lot about my writing, but it also showed me what I excelled at. I believe I excelled in many things in this course such as writing these blog posts and writing my cover letter. This course also showed me I had the ability to prioritize tasks and manage my time appropriately. I always thought writing wasn’t my strong suit but after taking this course I really felt the business writing really fit well with my style of writing. After realizing this I felt like I really started to excel in the assignments that were given to me.


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