A Chance to Look Back

Over the course of Writing 3040, I have continued to both develop and understand important skills and competencies that I will use in the professional world. These skills and competencies include personal brand management, the writing of application sunset-1198134_1280materials, teamwork, and project management. While learning and refining these skills was difficult at times the process was rewarding, and I am certain that these skills will prove immensely important to my career down the road. As a believer in both mastery and life-long learning, I plan to continue to refine, apply, and leverage the knowledge I acquired in this course to have the most fulfilling career possible.

One of the most important subjects that was covered in Writing 3040 was that of personal branding, and how to manage a personal brand. Over the course, I had the opportunity to decide upon and create a personally authentic brand that revolved around technical excellence, project execution, a thirst for knowledge, and integrity. While I have always pursued these goals inside and outside the classroom, I believe that the structure of this course allowed me to begin to refine this brand for the outside world and potential future employers.

Moving forward from Writing 3040, I plan on expanding on the personal brand I developed in several ways. I hope to complete several certifications and courses in the next several months that truly demonstrate my commitment to my values. I will promote the completion of these courses to the outside world to enhance my brand through platforms such as LinkedIn and my resume. Furthermore, I plan on taking some personal time to do self-reflection on my values over the next few months, during which I hope to develop ideas that will both expand my personal brand as well as widen my audience by introducing new platforms. This includes a personal blog that I have been working on, which will be focused on my passion for investing and will publish in-depth research on companies that I follow.

The focus on personal brand in this course has also increased my awareness in interpersonal interactions. It has become clear to me during this course that, to have a successful personal brand, my personal interactions must be authentic across both my writings and internet presence. While I believe that I am fairly congruent across all mediums, this additional awareness will change the way I interact in the professional world subtly. I will strive to make sure that I portray myself accurately and professionally at all times and demonstrate my values on a constant basis. This will increase my reputation, personal brand, and trust with employers, ultimately, I believe, increasing my chances at future success.

Before this course, I was intimately acquainted with my writing style in certain situations, and have previously been praised for being clear and persuasive in argumentative contexts. Over this course, outside of a few specific assignments, I have had the opportunity to apply my writing to more flexible guidelines and projects. Through this, I have come to discover that I enjoy the way I build informal arguments using complex sentence structures and nuance. While I believe that this is a valuable aspect of my work, I realize that I am still trying to find a healthy balance in my writing and tend to overuse this feature, which can make my writing unnecessarily complicated.

I went into this course with high personal expectations that were grounded in previously great success in writing and English courses. Interestingly, I found moving from the essay and report-type writing that I am used to difficult and the requirements in this course challenging. I believe that I mainly excelled in this course on the organizational front, execution of assignments, and pushing my comfort zone with assignments like the Resume Presentation and Slide Deck, which forced me to develop untested design skills. These factors made the course both more painful and more rewarding, and forced me to temper my expectations somewhat. Nevertheless, I am very happy with the level of effort that I have put into this course, as well as immensely proud of the skills and work I have developed during it.


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