A Semester Reflection

bigstock-closeup-of-businessman-typing-41801287What I Plan to do Next: As the Academic year comes to a conclusion, I have found this course in particular to be very helpful in preparing me for the job market. Although I am not graduating at the end of this spring semester, I plan to build on what I learned in this course, mainly focusing on improving aspects regarding communication and writing. As I finish up my undergraduate degree, I plan to continue to work on and bolster my LinkedIn profile, continue to add to and work on improving aspects of my resume, and continue to take courses similar to this one, that are relevant in what I want to pursue in terms of my career. Being an individual who has interest in working in the Real Estate market, I will begin to look into improving my communication and writing within that specific industry, and eventually learn to be effective in those areas.

What I Learned: This course was filled with valuable content that can be applied when in the job market, along with already being employed by an organization. When it comes to what I learned about myself, and how I portray myself, I believe that it needs improvement mainly when discussing my online presence and my writing on social media profiles and things of that nature. I learned that communication and writing are key factors in peoples’ judgments and impressions, and that I do a decent job in doing so. I learned that I work effectively in team settings, and that I am decent when it comes to communication within the group. I can thrive and produce good work in these types of settings and I can eventually build off of these skills in the future. I thought that a key indication of the way you portray yourself in the professional world, was in our group unit, and I thought I demonstrated many aspects of professionalism throughout.

My Writing Style: While doing many of the assignments that we had throughout the semester, I learned a lot about my writing style, and noticed some things that I do like about it. I discovered that I am very good at informative writing. I am thorough in my writing style and make sure to include many facts and details of whatever it is that I am writing about. I also discovered that I am good (but not great) at organizing my writing in a way that makes it easy for the reader to follow and comprehend. I a lot of solid information, and organize it in a fashion that along with being easy to comprehend, makes sense, and that was something that I developed over the duration of this course. Although I learned a good amount of things that I like about my writing, I also found that I need to improve in terms of being concise. I need to learn to filter out information that is less relevant and be able to determine between “what is” and “what’s not” needed. After revising blog posts, and looking through work submitted previously, I noticed that I gave unnecessary information that could potentially bore the reader or take the reader off my main points.

Where I have Excelled: In terms of where I excelled in this course, I believe lies within the Personal and Organizational Branding Units. I feel as though I excelled in skills such as teamwork and in writing when it comes to formal documents such as the Cover Letter, Resume, or LinkedIn profile. I also believe that those were the skills that I demonstrated best in those units. I excelled in improving my organization, and in communicating with people in a group or team setting. I had a great time taking this course, and learned a lot of valuable lessons and skills that I won’t forget.


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