Final Reflection

ReflectionWhere to now?

Today brings an end to a long overwhelming semester and it is time to reflect and look into the future. Preparing for the job market can be an anxious time. Having proper preparation and knowing exactly what you want to do is something I began to understand. I believe this class has made me step out of my comfort realm and made me think deeper in developing my personal brand and being authentic is something I always been accustomed to. Completing activities such as the personal branding unit, digital branding, personal branding strategy, professional development unit and the organizational unit have helped me develop my personal branding and made me think deeply about what I am good at and areas where I need more of development. I strongly believe I can use a lot of the projects and the website to showcase it to potential employers to help differentiate myself amongst other potential applicants. Preparation is key to being successful when going through the job search, so I feel I have vital information to get me through the job process and get the job I truly want. Knowing yourself is the fundamental aspect of being authentic. Also, I learned a lot about our age classification (millennials) and what is important to us, how to stand out, and important tips during the job search. As you know already we did Marketing as our main focus and Marketing is one of my degrees so working on this project has made it easy in developing my knowledge and has fully prepared me for the job market.

Personal Branding

Over the course of the semester, I have learned a lot about professionalism and I want to portray myself as a smart individual that has a strong sense of humor and personality. I believe having a great personality can get you far in this world and this goes back to being authentic and knowing yourself. When I did the initial research on the personal branding unit, I remember having to think deeply about how I want to be portrayed. Being professional is important because first impressions to employers are everything so being prepared and leaving a great first impressions is my intentions.

Discovery and writing styles

I discovered that writing is expressing your thoughts in the purest form. Growth has been one of my biggest discoveries and it is amazing to see. Before taking this class I was not confident in my writing ability and in just over four months my confidence and growth in my writing styles and abilities have been tremendous. I like writing styles where you can be expressive but by having a prompt it does make it easier to focus on what to write exactly.

Where I excelled in this course

Ultimately, I learned a lot about myself and I believe I excelled in many areas in this course. I excelled on assignments and projects such as the personal branding unit, blog posts, professional branding unit. Porfolio B is something I wish I did better on but nonetheless, it was an opportunity to learn essential information and helped me develop professionally which is most importantly. Not only have I excelled in my writing abilities and projects in this course, I believe I have excelled in my time management as well as decreasing procrastination. Procrastination and time management skills have been something I’ve been lacking so I made a conscience effort to work on these bad habits during this semester. Also, this has been my first online course so understanding when assignments are due and making ample amount of time to complete the assignment as well as making sure it is quality work.


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