Looking Back and Moving Forward


It’s so hard to believe that graduation is just around the corner and my time here at CU is coming to a close. Over the course of my college education not only have I expanded and strengthened my skills as a student, but also have evolved as a person. Now, it’s up to me to use these skills as I make the final transition to the professional world. Of all the courses that I have taken, Writing 3040 has given me some of the most practical tools I need to feel confident in the career I plan to pursue.

What I Learned

Writing is a skill that never goes out of style. No matter what profession you go into will most likely require writing in some way or form. This course has taught me how to write not only with precision and accuracy, but also concisely. Before this course I had a tendency to be wordy and frequently had run-on sentences. I’ve learned that getting to the point is more valuable than how much is on the page – especially in the professional world. Most importantly for me though was learning how to develop a personal voice to make my work relatable. I learned that it’s possible to add personality while still remaining credible. Although it felt unnatural at first, I now feel confident that I am able to enter into the working world with a unique but professional writing style that I can be proud of.

How I Write

When I first started this course, I genuinely thought I was a decent writer. I have always had a love for writing that keeps the reader interested. What I didn’t realize though was that this goes far beyond merely avoiding repetitive phrases. While this is an important feature, it’s truly the voice that draws a reader in and keeps them there. I was shocked to discover that I didn’t really have one! It was exciting to develop a personal style and watch how it dramatically improved my writing. The ability to write quickly has also always been a challenge for me. Getting the words from my head onto a page in a way that sounds correct isn’t easy and often led to me revising the same statement over and over again. I am pleased to say that this course has helped me develop a system that allows me to write both quickly and eloquently.

Excelling Areas

Of all the projects I have completed for this class – both big and small – I am by far the most proud of my personal development unit. I feel very confident as I begin the search for my first full-time job that I have crafted a resume and cover letter that will allow me to potentially land my dream job. I didn’t have a well-developed LinkedIn page before this course. Now, I have a page that I not only feel confident in but believe will actually assist in my job search. Overall, this course really showed me that I have great time management skills. Balancing the work in 19 credit hours of courses is not easy and I am proud of the way I was able to tackle my assignments in a timely fashion. This course has helped me improve hard and soft skills that I know will be valuable in the professional world. The development of my personal brand and incorporation of this into my professional brand helps make me not only a credible candidate, but a real one. I am proud of the accomplishments that I have achieved through this course and am excited to see the positive impact they will have as I move into this new chapter of my life.


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