Looking Back


It’s hard to believe this semester is already over. I feel like this class has been a wonderful experience and that I learned quite a bit from my work in it. From personal website development, to the growth I made in the Professional Development unit, this class has been an exciting opportunity to hone my professional direction and help prepare for what comes next.

What Comes Next

With all that I have learned form this course, I feel that I can build upon the online presence I have created, continue to explore avenues of further professional development, as well as continue to develop and strengthen my own personal brand. Looking forward over this next 6 month span I have remaining in school, I see a lot of opportunity to build on the development from this course and take advantage of what’s in front of me.

What I Learned

I think that I learned quite a bit about branding and personal presence that I had not known much about before. I think beyond just the importance of strong writing skills this class taught me more about how important your presentation is than any I have had before. I feel like this class has given me a much stronger drive to take advantage of avenues of presentation and development such as LinkedIn for one than I have had before. I think this class went a long way in the process of preparing myself for the professional world and making the biggest impact that I can.

My Writing Style

I think one of the things I discovered about my own writing style that I enjoyed the most was the versatility of my writing style. This class made me realize that I have only ever really written in a purely academic environment and this class provided an excellent opportunity to work on writing outside of that situation. I have never before worked on anything as informal as a blog post or the writing required for a personal or group website. I think this was really an awesome learning experience for me as well as something that gave me satisfaction in seeing how my writing style could translate to non academic situations.

Where I have Excelled

I think that I have excelled in the various areas where we have had to demonstrate our writing proficiency as well as in the website development aspects. As someone who has had no prior experience with designing or formatting website I am proud of the work that I was able to do in this class on that front. I also think I excelled at really nailing down the beginnings of a personal brand as well as my representation of myself and presence online and more formally through the resume and cover letter.

This class has been a wonderful experience and I am thankful for the areas in which I was able to grow and develop as well as the relationships and information I was able to cultivate.


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