Musings On The Year

What do I Plan to do Next?

I want to keep learning as I enter the job market. Any information you gather is useful in any job. The more skills you have, the more marketable you become. My girlfriend and I just got a new roommate who’s a front-end web developer for JumpCloud on the Pearl St. Mall, and I want to start learning from him. He told me I should start by coding a website to showcase projects, either academic or personal, to anyone who Google’s my name.

main-qimg-294dac81080ff504d599a578a9c7f916.pngAnother goal I have is to work with my favorite professors at CU to create what I call a “super-sheet” – an Excel spreadsheet that can perform hundreds or thousands of functions at once. Mine will attempt to maximize portfolio value using many different metrics like returns, priced risk factors, hedging, etc.


How to Portray Yourself Professionally

From our group project, I found out that being formal and being professional are completely different. You should always act professional, but be formal in the right circumstances. You might attract the wrong vibe wearing a full suit to an interview for a kettle scraping job.

In writing, I discovered it’s important to be more formal at first than you may think. Especially in email format, if the other party expects to be treated in a very specific way, they may not respond if you don’t follow proper conventions. If you haven’t met the other party, it’s wise to be too formal at first, get a read on how formal they are, and adjust accordingly.


What I Discovered About my Writing Style

I feel like I can adapt my voice to the proper situations, coming off in a mostly neutral way. I enjoy writing practically for application, rather than for fun or trying to come up with a story. This fits well with my lifestyle. I’m very practical and need concrete things rather than ideas to interpret.

I found it’s really hard for me to stretch out my voice on a certain topic to 1000-1200 words. I try to be more concise, providing less, high-quality thoughts than many low-quality ones. I like to think that my voice is personable enough to add something to my writing, a certain connective-ness that many people my age aren’t capable of creating.

Where I Excelled

Luckily, I had prior experience in the Adobe suite which allowed me to create some really awesome graphics for our projects. I got really inspired to start my own graphic design ‘business’ after doing my personal website & logo, and then doing our BrewFinder group project logo was awesome as well.

Working with Dreamweaver for the Professional Development Unit was an awesome way to build on top of the WordPress sites that we made. Arguably, I should’ve taken the intermediate step of using Muse instead of going straight to Dreamweaver because coding is not easy.

I would say I excelled in just about everything this semester. It was a good feeling! I enjoyed the outcome of every project. This class strikes me as the Leeds version of the TAM classes offered by the new CMCI school here. I wish this class was offered in a higher level version to utilize the full ability of Muse or Dreamweaver. The future of our society is likely going to involve computers, so it makes sense to be able to utilize them to their fullest extent.


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