Preparation for the Future

The future is something that is impossible to predict, but through the duration of this class I have learned plenty to help me prepare for it.  As unpredictable as the future can be I now have tools and knowledge gained through this class that I previously didn’t have.  Many of the assignments I have completed have not only made me familiar withCU essential aspects of the real world, like a resume and cover letter,  but help me understand and project who I am as a person.  Entering the real world can be some what intimidating but this class has begun to prepare me for all that the world has to throw at me.  Regarding preparation, this class has not only shown me how to write in the business world but also cementing a personal brand that entails all the characteristics I possess and make me unique.

Personal Brand

Throughout this class, if there is one thing I can take away from it is the ability to assess personal characteristics and use those as an advantage when applying for internships or full time careers.  Knowing who you are as a person can go a long way and cementing that “personal brand” not only separates myself as an individual but also shows my strengths as a person and the areas I need to work on.  Aside from that, by showing who I am as a person can not only show the potential contributions I may have on a company but areas of growth pushing myself ahead of the competition.  This can be done through various avenues whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn or a personal resume. Personal Branding, sounds obvious to most but is also one of the hardest things to not only describe but portray to others.

Style of Writing

Before this class I considered my writing skills to be unsatisfactory.  Writing has never been a strong point of mine and its been something that I have tried to avoid as a whole.  I was always the type of student to strive for the bare minimum when papers were assigned.  Often seen as a negative, I realized that most of the time short and concise pieces were best as they offered the necessary information without the drag of miscellaneous details.  Through the duration of this class, it has become apparent that writing is something that simply can’t be avoided whether its writing emails or drafting proposals.  With that being said, writing is something that I have struggled with but with time has come to be a skill that I am not only confident with but can bring as a skill to the real world.  In the professional world I want to be portrayed as someone who is no longer afraid to write but also leave my personal touch on everything I write.  Having the ability to write can set myself ahead of the competition and that is something that this class as a whole has not only helped me understand but strive to be better at.

Personal Writing Style

My personal writing style is one that is concise in nature but also provides the necessary information to get a specific point across.  I’ve never been great with words so I always felt best with saying my intended point and a few essential details.  Conciseness has been an aspect of my writing that I have taken pride in as it is not only efficient but seen as a quality skill in the real world.  Resumes and Cover Letters are perfect examples of concise writing showing that a person has two pages of writing to state their qualifications and uniqueness to an employer.    Being concise in my writing has lead to success in writing tasks requiring minimum word counts and has progressed my writing to an efficient and purposeful status.

Excelling Areas

Throughout this course, I have experienced areas of success as well as significant struggle in others.  One of the areas I have excelled in during this course was group projects.  Playing Ice hockey all my life exposed me to working in teams to achieve success.  When one participant doesn’t do their part in not only effects that individual but the group as a whole.  Being aware of that effect I always made sure to do my part in group projects and help others if assistance was needed.  Group projects are not something that is new to me but an area of experience and with that experience I was able to succeed and excel in group projects through the duration of this class.




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