Image result for businessThis unit has helped me to gain knowledge and understanding of what is expected from me for kick starting my career after college. What I plan to do next in preparation is to gain some more experience in the field maybe by getting an internship or begin to work for a company that will allow me to stand out to future employers because of an improved resume. I want to continue to expand in order for it to show what I am capable of. I want to continue to make how I portray myself via social media platforms accurate so if someone wants to make an opinion on me based on my online personal brand when they come to meet me the way I represented myself online is accurate.

I learned how I want to portray myself in the professional world by making sure I have a mature appearance. I want people to know me for my personality and to be thought of as friendly, funny, optimistic, hard working and responsible. I want to be known for being capable of making bonds and relationships to people who will be important in making my career as successful as it can be. I learned that I want to work where I can help others. My passion for travelling became rather clear from my personal brand as all of my travel experiences has shaped the person I have become. I want to be able to communicate effectively as communication is always key. I want to become an expert in the skills and tools that are going to be necessary to do whatever my job is. I want to perform to the best of my abilities and always keep my knowledge up to date. I have learned that I want to meet and exceed people’s expectations whenever I can.

This unit has taught me a different style of writing, one which will be more beneficial. I will ensure to focus on the C’s of business writing; complete concise, courteous, correct, coherent, considerate, concrete and credible in order to be focusing on the reader where I will write from their viewpoint. I will now be more cautious of my sources and when possible I will choose to have highly credible sources so that the reader sees the reliability and validity in my writing.

I have discovered that I prefer business writing over creative writing. I enjoy being more straight forward and using traditional words, phrases, and concrete terms when trying to communicate important messages. I came to realize that I do write with a positive tone and I avoid negative words when possible. It really helps me to formulate my thoughts when I am able to see it all down on paper and it helps me to create a strong argument for what I am writing about. I like my ability to communicate with passion instead of just regurgitating information which highlights my uniqueness.

I have excelled in my ability to decipher between business writing and creative writing where I have noted the difference in the audiences of who I am addressing and always making sure I remember what the reader does and doesn’t know without making any assumptions. I have learned the difference in what information is important to talk about with business professionals being known to read quickly and scan for the main points. I learned how to know my audience and address authoritative figures in a more appropriate way which will allow me to give more effective presentations. Overall what I believe I best took away from this course Is being able to adapt my writing style to a different audience than what I am used to.






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