MY BRAND: As the semester concludes and I think about what I have learned through out the semester in this course many topics come to mind. In the future I plan to take the knowledge I gained from this course and use it as I take my next steps in my career journey. We live in the age of branding and it is most important now more than ever to brand yourself accordingly. I am someone who is committed to simplicity in everything I produce. I feel that through my social media presence and my blog, down to the way I organize my papers and projects. I plan on thinking a lot more about the virtual you. It important to recognize that in this day and age people will “meet” you before they actually meet you -whether it be through a resume, Linkedin profile, Facebook, blog etc. You need to make a lasting and unique impression through those portals.  I plan on taking the information I learned and providing my best me virtually and more importantly in person. It’s good to have a positive online image but its more important to portray that image in person. I value simplicity both in style and in my work so thats something I would really like to emulate throughout my brand.

WHAT DID I LEARN: I learned, which is also talked about above is that you need a consistent brand and identity in order to provide a positive representation of yourself in the professional world. I learned about social media presence and about how that can hinder or help your brand. I also learned about skill sets and how vital they are to what doors are opened towards you – thats not only skill set like photoshop which are very important but also how to carry yourself and what it takes to properly socialize yourself into the career you want to be in. I learned A LOT about millennials and what as a generation we excel and struggle with. And hows it’s important to recognize and combat those behaviors that my generation was unfortunately raised into.

MY WRITING: I have always been an okay writer. I know how to take a concept especially a persuasive one and turn it into something that can flow nicely. However I do have trouble with proof reading and grammar however I can make up for it with my effortless writing style. I have a vast vocabulary that sometimes can hinder the meaning of my sentences which is something I need work on. I think I can write incredibly eloquently when I focus. I have always liked writing over the years, it is something that came easy to me and at one time with practice I thought I could even perhaps be a writer. Although I gave up on that dream I still feel as though the more I write the better I get.

MY STRENGTHS IN THIS COURSE: I think I excelled in creating my personal brand. My visual resume was something that I was not only proud of but found to be a very rewarding project. I believe I excelled in understanding the concepts of this course whether it be presentation giving or creating a brand identity. I really feel I can leave this course knowing more about how to conduct yourself in a professional setting. I think I excelled in knowing how to present yourself in a specific way so that you can see the results you want. Whether or not that can be evaluated via grades, projects etc.


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