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As I sit here writing my last blog post and last assignment as a junior in college, it’s hard to fathom that I will only have one more year of being in school. Freshman year, you finally got to move out of your house and be on your own. Everything was new and exciting to you with no worry about your future. Then the next year you come back and you have the whole college thing down. You have your friends and you feel like you run the place now that you’re no longer a freshman. Junior year comes along and now you have to chose what you want to study and what direction you want to go towards. That summer you have to have get an internship in that specific field of study so that it will prepare you for the workforce. And just like that senior year is here and all you have is that last year. The last year to take classes with your friends, go to house parties, and study for a midterm on the appreciation of music class. By the end of the next school year, I will be entering the real world and if there was anything that I learned from this class to bring with me it would be the improvement of my writing skills and the establishment of my personal brand.

Preparing for the Job Market

To prepare for the job market, I plan to express my personal brand when applying for internships and jobs. It’s important to be your own self and showing your strengths to your future employers. It starts with your resume and if you can catch the eye of the future employer with it, it will hopefully lead into an interview. During the interview its your time to shine and express your personal brand and who you are. With a strong personal brand, they will see you for who you are and can decide if you are the perfect fit for the job just by that.

Personal Branding

When you’re being interviewed for a job, you are selling yourself. In this class, I’ve learned that strong writing skills go a long way in portraying yourself. The practices we’ve done have helped me form my own style in an authentic way. A couple important aspects that you need to know when portraying yourself is showing how you can be the solution to a problem, use examples that exclusively relate to you, and explain the “how” behind your accomplishments.

Writing Style

Good writing style is essential in all things writing and without it, you wont be able to communicate effectively. It’s also important to know who your audience is and be able to adapt your writing to fit the cause. What I like about my writing style is that I can be able to adapt to whatever the purpose for writing is while still portraying who I am with my personal brand. I’ve seen examples of emails to employers from students that after reading just seem fake. I like that with my writing, I get to the point but in a professional way.

Where I’ve Excelled

I believe I excelled the most in establishing my personal brand and writing overall. When doing the personal branding projects, I found it very important to know who you are and how to express that to employers. Without a personal brand, you can’t express who you are to an employer, which is one of the most important things. If someone doesn’t know who you are or what you’re really like, it just makes you look like a bland person and no one wants a bland person. Along with establishing my own personal brand, my overall practice in writing has improved and I believe I’ve excelled and improved my writing abilities greatly.


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