The Future Is… Unknown

The Immediate Aftermath5734972521_a7fef5fbfd_b

As this semester comes to a close, so does my entire college career. I graduate next week and I can honestly say that I have no idea what is in store for me, but I am incredibly
excited to find out.  All of my hard work over the past four years has finally paid off, as I am graduating on time with honors.  I have dealt with some serious ups and downs trying to navigate my way through the college experience, but I have come out on top, and with a better appreciation for my hard work and dedication.  Even though my future is entirely uncertain, I am confident that it will be filled with amazing experiences.

Personal Branding in my Professional Career

After college, I am determined to prepare myself and develop my brand in order to enhance my opportunities for success in whatever career path I choose.  I plan to continuously develop my personal website, as well as refine my LinkedIn profile, so that I may have a solid foundation of substance to present to future employers and professional connections.

Insofar as preparing myself for the job market, I plan on continuing my education with communication skills in the professional realm, as well as work on developing my understanding of personal writing.  Once I graduate, I will dedicate myself to my future, taking the necessary steps to develop a comprehensive professional outlook, and a cohesive personal brand.

What This Course Has Taught Me

Before I took this course, I was completely unaware of the importance of personal branding in the professional world, especially as today’s job market is oversaturated with similarly qualified, indistinguishable job seekers.  Learning how to develop a strong professional foundation – such as structuring resumes, writing cover letters, and building a LinkedIn profile – as well as how to distinguish myself through personal branding, gave me the confidence I needed to face the post-grad job search head on.

From this course, I have learned the ways in which I am able to portray myself as authentic, and genuinely personable to not only employers, but to everyone who I may cross paths with in my professional career.  The skills that I have developed from this course are expansive in that they will easily translate into a variety of different professional situations.  I hope to continue broadening my versatile skill set that this course has gifted me with, so that I may seize any and all career opportunities that come my way.

This course definitely highlighted my weaknesses, but also illuminated particular strengths that I did not realize I had.  Through the different blog posts, I became aware that my personal writing lacked a genuine feel, as well as a coherent structure.  However, from the websites I created, I found that I had a decent potential with producing visual rhetoric, and convincing statements.  I was incredibly pleased with not only how much I enjoyed creating and editing my websites, but that I was actually good at it.  I hope to enhance my skills with visual rhetoric and web design, ascribing the techniques I learned about style and aesthetic to any and all future projects.

Whats Next

The answer is, I don’t know.  Although the unknown is a little frightening, I am enormously excited for what my future holds, as I have an endless number of possibilities that I can pursue.  All I know is that when the time comes for me to truly get serious about my career, I will have the confidence and skill set to fearlessly face any professional situation head on.  Overall, this has been one of the most beneficial courses I have taken due to its real world applicability and focus.  Thank you so much for a great semester!


-Madison Severy


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