Kimi Kay




Recognizable you:

My name is Kimberly Corrigan, although I go by Kimi. I am from Denver, Colorado and am 22 years old. The above photo was taken up in Breckenridge, with my dog, the golden retriever, and one of my roommates pups, a German Shepard. I stole my dog from my parents this past year after they gave her to me a few times when they went for vacations. She’s ten years old and has loved living in Boulder.

Where you’re at:

I am currently living in Boulder, CO for the summer. I have just recently graduated and am finishing up a few courses during the summer before I hopefully find a full-time job this upcoming August. I currently live with 8 girls and although it is chaotic, it is very, very fun. I work as a nanny up here in Boulder and am applying for consulting and sales jobs in Denver, Chicago, and Los Angeles. I would love to move to a larger city after graduation depending on where I find an adequate job. I studied abroad in London a year ago and realized that living in a big city is extremely fun for a certain amount of time. I have a lot of friends from both Chicago and Los Angeles so that is why I am more inclined to move to those cities. I would never be upset staying in Denver though, I love it here and majority of my friends and family are still within close reach.

What you want:

As a recent graduate, I am constantly applying for jobs. I need to critique my resume and make sure all of the information is presented correctly and is well written. I also need to cater my cover letter to many different companies, as I am applying to a bunch of different job industries and positions. I am hoping to learn to write professionally with ease and gain a basic understanding of writing professional follow up and thank you emails. This course is also important for communicating with other professionals once I receive a full-time job. I want to find the perfect balance of writing professionally, but still with a human tone.

Where to find you:

During both the winter and summer you can most likely find me up in the mountains. I am an avid snowboarder in the winter, and an avid hiker and backpacker during the summer. My favorite hike in Colorado is up in the Indian Peaks Wilderness called Lake Isabelle. It is a very easy hike, but the view is spectacular every time. There is a gorgeous mountain range over an ice blue lake. The photo at the end of this blog was taken in October at Lake Isabelle, when the lake is less full. I enjoy climbing taller mountains, such as 14’ers when I go on a multiple day backpacking trip, but my favorite type of hike is one ending with a lake or waterfall. I also enjoy spending time in downtown Denver at various bars and restaurants with my friends and family. After turning 21, my friends and I have loved taking advantage of good happy hours and live music in Denver. One of my older brothers lives downtown and I enjoy spending time down there with him and his friends. I love classic rock music and this past week saw Tom Petty at Red Rocks and Pink Floyd at the Pepsi Center. I am looking forward to a few more concerts this summer. I have a few trips planned for the summer, I am going to visit friends in Boston for the 4th of July and am going to visit my sister in New York City at the end of July. I am very eager to start the next chapter of my life where’ve it may take me.



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