Anna Martinsson


Recognizable Me: 

This is a photo of me coming down from a climb at Long Beach, my favorite beach in Dunedin, New Zealand.  I chose this picture because this beach holds a special place in my heart; it’s not often you can surf a wave into shore, change your shoes and scramble up some rocks! I am originally from Portland, Oregon but I am not a hipster by definition because I do not have a beard. My senior year, my family moved to Colorado and I had the pleasure of attending my dream university, University of Colorado, Boulder. Living in Boulder has been an amazing experience and especially conducive to frequent weekend road trips to my favorite high desert destinations for climbing, skiing, biking, and any other recreation that is capable of giving my mother anxiety.


Where I’m at: 

I am currently writing from Dunedin, New Zealand, where I have lived for the past 5 months, however I will be moving back to Boulder, CO in two weeks to enjoy a Colorado summer right as winter begins here. I am just finishing up my junior year currently (taking final exams consecutively with this class) and am ecstatic to have one more year at CU before graduation. This summer, I will be leaving the beautiful country of New Zealand to live in Boulder, working for CLIF Bar in addition to an internship with an insurance provider in Denver. In between moving, working two jobs and summer classes you can often find me running or biking the trails of Boulder and Golden.


What I Want: 

After graduation, I hope to be able to have options of what industry I want to work in. While a person’s major is predictive of the industry they enter, it is also incredibly dependent on communication skills, references and ability to network. In taking this class, I hope to be able to learn new techniques to network and socialize in a professional sense that could open doors for me in the future and come graduation. Additionally, I hope to learn new ways to make my LinkedIn, resume, or other professional materials stand out among other candidates.


Where to Find Me: 

Among my friends, I am infamous for my extensive portfolio of (mediocrely executed) hobbies, including  but not limited to, backcountry skiing, biking (road and mountain), distance running, rock climbing and cheese eating (perfectly executed). In my time in New Zealand I have taken up skate boarding, surfing, sewing, mountaineering, and most importantly napping. On a given night Wednesday through Saturday you can find me in the front row of a local band’s show jamming out to the amazing local music scene that Dunedin has to offer. My favorite hike on the South Island of New Zealand is the hike to Mueller Hut because the hike is relatively accessible and provides the most breathtaking views of Mt. Cook and other amazing, neighboring peaks.



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