That Time I Met Adam Sandler

I was visiting Palm Springs, California with my grandmother for the weekend. On the way back to the airport, we decide to stop at Starbucks in Beverly Hills. My grandma loves Starbucks; she goes at least once, but sometimes three times every day. After grabbing a drink using one of her thousands of Starbucks Reward Points, we walked down Rodeo Drive on that Sunday morning.


The sidewalks were fairly empty. From about 100 feet away, I saw a middle-aged man walking with a gorgeous woman. He was wearing sunglasses, a baggy t-shirt and large gym shorts. What a slob I thought, thinking that it was just a normal guy who didn’t know how to dress himself properly.


But then I did a double-take. Wait a minute. 


I turned to my grandma.


“I’m pretty sure that’s Adam Sandler.”


She told em to go ahead and get a photo. I shadowed him for a few steps. Hearing his voice confirmed that it was him.


“Hey Adam, can I get a photo?”


Who I Am

This situation, while extreme, is a fair representation of my life. My favorite type of vacation is heading to a new city and exploring it. Last summer, I visited Chicago and ended up walking 16 miles in one day randomly exploring.


This summer, I plan to do the same in New York City, Seattle and Austin, Texas. Seeing new areas, encountering new situations, and meeting new people is a huge interest of mine. When I’m not wandering these new cities, I’ll usually find a coffee shop to relax in and meet a few interesting people. Earlier this year in Dallas, I met a former government official from Papua New Guinea who had emigrated to the United States to start a business that wouldn’t be impeded by government corruption. This encounter helped me gain a new appreciation for the free markets and opportunity of the United States.


Aside from traveling for a few weeks, I plan to spend most of my time in Boulder and my very close hometown of Louisville, Colorado.


I’m a fourth-year business student, so of course I aspire to be a successful business person someday. Accordingly, I run my own business with my younger

logo- close crop

brother (entering his freshman year at Oregon State) and a CU sophomore. The company is called LeadLogica; We help small businesses with their cold calling. I’m making plans to sell the company before the end of summer so I can focus on finishing school strong next year.


What I Want

Number one, my adviser told me to take this class (listening to my adviser has always seemed to work in the past). Besides some upper-division writing credits, I would like a better understanding of persuasion and communication techniques available to me. While I have some knowledge on effective techniques for communicating with clients, colleagues, and employees, I know there is a lot missing from me repertoire. I am hoping this class will give me a much greater ability to communicate effectively with anyone I may encounter in my work life.


Where to Find Me

I spend most of my time working on growing my company, but I also spend a lot of time studying successful business and finance figures. While I try to spend most of my time on technical skills, which include guides such as Beating The Street by Peter Lynch, I also enjoy watching motivational business videos.


One of my favorite is by Gary Vaynerchuk, a businessman known for creating Wine Library. His video “The Ultimate Advice For Every 20 Year Old” is a must-watch for anyone looking to reach new levels of success.


Besides in class and on my company’s website, you can find me on YouTube making sales videos to attract new clients. I work on my channel every week and hope to grow it from 377 subscribers today to over 1,000 by the end of this summer term.


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