Who Am I?

Recognizably Me:

My name is Casey Rehrer (rare, like your steak.) I’m a 20 y/o Hawaiian boy, born and raised on the island of Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 8.48.05 PMMaui. Growing up, I spent ALL my time in the water. The ocean cast a spell on me at a very young age and it has yet to wear off. Whether it was surfing, windsurfing or fishing, if it was in the ocean, I did it. If I wasn’t in the water, I was trying to figuring out a way to get there, and yes, I ditched school to surf (a lot.) At 15 I joined the world tour of windsurfing (PWA) as a professional and started online school to travel the world. My life seems to revolve around the ocean and in many ways, it does. So why do I go to school in the middle of The United States? (the question I get almost every time I meet somebody new.) The mountains. I love extremes, from weather to sports and everything in between. I grew up at the beach, and now I would like to “mature” in the mountains

I realized about a year ago, (while on tour) that I was getting to travel to these amazing places, but I wasn’t getting to enjoy them. Airport, Hotel, Contest, Demo — New Place – Repeat. That was my schedule. I got to see nothing of the other states and countries. I decided I wanted to experience college, but I wanted to go somewhere completely different and unfamiliar. I wasn’t going to leave Maui to go surf or windsurf (so no California schools) and I have always loved to mountains, so I kind of winged it. I only applied to CU (I didn’t tell my parents that) but I fell in love with Boulder, as soon as I visited and knew I had made the right choice. I found my new home, at the start and in the heart of the Rockies.

Where I’m At: 

I’m all over the place, trying to soak up as much of everything as I can. Currently, I’m at home, in Haiku, Maui. I do have a job, and I work every morning. I teaching the sports that I love, surfing and windsurfing to tourists. I love my job; I get to sit on the beach all day in the sun and get paid for it. I’m getting ready for a long surf trip to Nicaragua before heading back to Boulder, to start my sophomore year.

What I Want: 

There are many things I want, but what I want from this class is simple. I enrolled in 3040 to learn a new style of writing. One that I thought I would be useful in my day to day life. I’ve always loved to write, I find it therapeutic. Although my skills are not great and have yet to be sharpened as I’m sure they will be by the time I graduate, I felt that this class would be a good choice for my major, finance.

Where to Find Me:

You can be sure to find me on a beach or at home cooking. In the off-chance that you’ll be in Nicaragua in July, I’ll be doing the same thing just in a different place. I have a horrible addiction to Instagram — @caseyrehrer — Say hi!



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