Recognizable me:  Hi! My name is Yash and yes, thats me joyfully riding the financial district bull in New York…Although my name is actually pronounced as ‘YAA-SH’ I really don’t mind how you say it, I’ve almost heard it all;  ‘Yesh’, ‘Yush’, ‘Yaes’, and my personal favorite “YASSS!” whatever and however you want to pronounce it’s all good! I am actually an international student, here at CU Boulder and currently am slowly crawling my way out of my junior year. I am from Dubai (where I live) but am Indian as well.

Where you’re at:  Currently I am back home in Dubai which is about a 19 hour flight away for Denver! Quite long, but really worth it! it feels great to see my family and my friends again however strangely enough, I do still kinda get the ‘Cosmos’ craving from time to time. Being across the world, I’ve just been able to reset my body clock…only to realize I will be soon traveling across Europe yet again in July. Don’t get me wrong though I love traveling! Ive been to almost every continent except two,  Antartica and South America. Traveling for me is awesome! I try not to stay in hotels during stay and rather live with some of my high school friends who now live there. (I was in a international high school)

What you want: Being your average confused student, after high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do…I took business administration on a limb and well, it turned out be worth while. I’ve always loved writing, and its been a long passion mine; taking business only made me realize this even further, as now I was getting my hands dirty in trying new writing styles moving away from just creative writing. I hope this class can further better my limited understanding of business writing, opening up a new way of thinking and potentially helping me in the future, being able to successfully communicate my ideas in whatever industry I may potentially work in.

Where to find me: I guess…during the summer’s, maybe at your local airport? (Check the book kiosk’s…) But yeah seriously, I would probably just end up traveling with friends during the summer’s. If you happen spot me at CU during the semester though, I would be at the rec center or anywhere from where you can clearly see the Flatirons. I love going out hiking since you can’t really do that in Dubai or as I see it the Middle Eastern version of the concrete jungle. My freshmen roommate, was the first person I have been hiking out with in Boulder, and ever since then I absolutely loved it! As for music, I kinda listen to everything from classical stuff, like Andrea Bocelli, to rock music form the 90’s to current day house music (edm). Recently, I have tried to sort of diversify my taste’s and as such I have started listening to a lot of foreign music artist’s from all the world as well. Talking about taste’s I am somewhat of a foodie as well (Yes, vegetarian’s like myself can be foodie’s too…) food to me is literally everything, in fact its the only thing I can truly rely on being there no matter what.  I am also, trying to finish a book this summer, kind of linking in all my travel’s in one neatly compiled stack. The idea of writing a book initially was really daunting, but as I started writing and setting goals for myself it slowly started getting easier and easier. I am looking forward to finishing it so that I can share my adventures with my family and friends.



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