Hello World: Brandon Cole

Hello to all of my 3040 classmates, my name is Brandon Cole. I’m a 20 year old  

California born kid, currently living in Boulder, CO. I moved to Boulder about a year and a half ago to pursue my degree in computer science. Interestingly enough, I was inspired to follow my current career path by a movie; The Social Network. The act of digitally creating something from nothing with a single computer has always been something of an art to me. Now I’ve found that it’s a littler harder than the “guys in the movies” make it seem, but “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, and difficulty.” That’s a popular quote by President Theodore Roosevelt I like to call onto whenever life a.k.a school gets tough!

When I’m not going to school, I love to play basketball. Since I was old enough to hold a ball, my parents took the liberty of signing me up for toddler recreation basketball. Basketball was always my favorite sport, but as a kid I played them all. 



My elementary and middle school years I played basketball, baseball, football, and ran track. It wasn’t until high school that I began focusing on only one sport. That being said I always have secretly missed playing baseball. Being such a big basketball player, I love to watch the game as well. Luckily we’re right in the middle of the NBA Finals and my Golden State Warriors are currently favored to win another championship! As a kid living in California, my family would take my younger brother and I to see our team play. It’s pretty great to be a life-long fan and to finally see your team prosper. Go Warriors!


Where I’m At:

Currently I live and work in Boulder. During the morning I’m taking classes on CU’s

Boulder campus trying to finish my computer science degree. When I’m not in class I

can either be found at the BeauJos pizzeria down the street from my house or the CU

rec center playing basketball. On the rare occasions I’m not in Boulder, I spend my free

time in Aurora, CO, where my family and best friends still live!

What I Want:

I’m hoping to take away a lot from this class but one thing I want to master is

professional writing skills when it comes to emails. In a technological age where texting

and texting language is very popular, I was never formally taught how to change my

tone from professional to friendly. At then end of our term I expect to be better.

Where to Find Me:

This summer you can find me in Norlin library or at work trying to save up enough for a

new bike! I’m going to the East Coast, New York to be exact, for the first time later this

summer! Any recommendations on where I should visit? I’d love for you all to follow me

on Twitter: _BrandonCole_


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