Rolls Royce


Recognizable you

My name is Roye Brady, I am in the middle of my junior year in Architectural Engineering at CU Boulder. I am on the far right side of the picture with my good old grandma. She is 91 I believe (chuckle). I had a scholarship to pay for my first two years of college, so I decided to go to Boulder, very far from home. After two years, I took a year and half to gain funds by working as mechanic and now I am back it again.


What you at

I currently move to Fort Collins, CO and choose to commute due to work and family. Since I been here, my ethnicity has been mostly confused as Mexican. I am from the Navajo Indian Reservation in the northern part of Arizona. It’s awesome there because it’s home but I really enjoy Boulder and I think it has to do a lot with my summers in Flagstaff, AZ where it looks very much similar to Boulder. Since I reside in Fort Collins, CO, where I commute everyday to Estes Park, CO to work as civil engineer intern. It has by been the most rewarding and insightful internships i have had thus far. I get both the field work (hiking with equipment) and office work (drafting and design) in the very mile high. I meet new people everyday and learn new things, I am challenge by the early work mornings and late drives, but the nice Big Thompson River makes up for it as I drive in parallel with it.

What you want

I plan on minor in business, and as an engineer I would like to someday own my engineering firm specifically in building systems and engineering. After reading the course descriptions, I thought it might be a good segway into learning about social media and online marketing  business writing.

Where to find you

I like to spend my free time learning other things, such as progressing in salsa dancing and music instruments like the classic guitar, piano and drums. Recently, I have been filming more of my skateboarding tricks because it has been my pride and joy since I was like twelve. I have made it my goal to make a film before i am thirty.  It will take time but it will be a masterpiece.






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