The Asian Stereotype

Recognizable You:

RyanLThe person that worked in his parents restaurants as a child? That was me. The kid that thought that the only jobs he could strive for in life were to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer? That was me. The little boy who dreaded getting anything less than an A? That’s still me.

I’m someone who identifies with what the current Asian stereotype describes: Boba tea, turbocharged cars, food adventures; I do it all. My Instagram shows my trip through life.


Where You’re At:

I currently live in Thornton, Colorado; a town east of Boulder by roughly 20 or so miles. I have lived here throughout my CU Boulder career apart from the required residence on campus for freshman year. I do have a job, and that job still is working at a restaurant (again, my parents’ restaurant). You can catch me on deliveries, working the register, busing the tables, or even working the deep fryer for the odd five minute intervals.

I do have aspirations outside of the restaurant life, but honestly it’s a life that I wanted ever since I was a child. I thought my dad cooking was the coolest thing, and wanted to do something with food at a very young age. Sadly, due to parental pressure from a very young age, I am now in the computer science field. Not quite what they were hoping for, but still an acceptable field of study for their expectations.

What You Want:

I want to learn how to become a better writer. It’s as simple as that. My writing style is very robotic and academic in nature, and based upon the video lectures so far, my professional style of writing is far from perfect. I want to see what it means to write in a professional manner that is appropriate for my future endeavors.

I would love to be able to write in different styles so that my responses to different readers can be as effective as possible. Specifically, for writing that does not occupy a physical medium. Online, you can’t work off of body language and tone, so you must infer some information in order to give a correct response.

I am also not very aware of the way I address people in my writing, and I do tend to worry about accidentally insulting someone through my pronouns or tone. I try to avoid conflicts whenever possible, and enraging someone through writing (particularly if I have never even met them) does not give a very strong impression about who I am.

Where To Find You:

My free time over the summer is composed of trying to squeeze in as many hours on video games as possible coupled with hanging out with my friends that I play those games with once or twice a week. We have been hanging out with the same people for years, playing video games and having cookouts during our real life engagements.

I can also be found working on my car with my cousin. We both stockpile our parts during the school year and when summer rolls by, it’s car season. But due to our extremely conflicting schedules, we do our installs at a very slow pace. When we don’t have anything to install and we’re hanging out, we’ll dream about cars and constantly try to justify our very unnecessary spending.

Music has been a very different experience for me as opposed to several years ago. Back then, I just listened to metal. August Burns Red was the very first band to start this love of metal. It branched out into multiple subcategories, but it remained in the metal genre. Now I listen to almost anything; ska, some pop, a sprinkling of EDM, and of course, metal.


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